Sunday, April 5, 2009

My First Pouch Sling

OMG how easy is it to sew this sling. I went to Baby Bunting yesterday to suss out Peanut Shell slings. I have been wondering how a AUD$100 pouch sling would be different from one that I am about to sew. And most of all, I wanted to know how to wear it. So I forced one on a very willing Mick and I was slightly disappointed that it was one layered and not reversible. For some reason, I thought they were reversible pouch slings (double sided with a lining).

I had picked up $2 per metre cotton fabric from Darn Cheap Fabric in Heidelberg last weekend. I am so happy that this cheap fabric store is near me ... and next to the Saturday lunch Heidelberg Pie Shop. Having been used to only buy girly fabric, I failed to notice it was neon pink and not exactly boy colours - he will have to live with that.

Following this youtube video of how to sew a pouch sling by Leah, I cut my fabric down and stil have a heap leftover for another sling plus A LOT of baby booties. I will have to find something to do with this fabric as it is gorgeous. I measured Mick's shoulder to hip length as I think I will make my own post pork chop. Read... when I erm get my size 6 figure back.. uh huh. Sewed both side seams very quickly, turned inside out and french seamed the curve where baby Pork Chop's bum is suppose to rest. It does not take long and I am very glad that I have chosen smallish projects so far to get done within the day. I think folding, cutting and sewing only took 1 hour if that!

Check out Marsupial Mick and our stand in baby - a vase. LOL Snowy was hiding under the deck outside and I could not grab her to test out the sling. I think she sensed embarrassment and deep humiliation if she came back into the house.

Here is a look at the reversible fabric. I think it is one hot sling and proves Peanut Shell is cough rip off cough. I found Peanut shell slings not as deep as this one. Marsupial Mick was concerned that Pork Chop would outgrow it very quickly.


  1. Nice work - the pouch sling is pretty simple and I could never fathom the $$ they ask at the shops either, same goes for the mei tai (which is fantastic if you have a heavy bub!) I am sure my homemade one works just as well as the exxy kozy carry or babyhawk.

    Oh and the cat would have loved it! I know mine loved hanging about in the sling for half an hour before Austin arrived! (slinking away with embarassment....)

  2. oooohhhh I would love to put Snowy in the sling.
    But I think she will pull a sad cat face and want out then walk out and give me the cold shoulder. :)


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