Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mary Jane Baby Booties

I am feeling quite sad this weekend. Apparently I am too small and my womb is too tight. Other than chowing down 2 Big Macs plus a KFC tower burger a day I don't know how else I am suppose to get bigger???? So it took until Sunday 4pm to get in the mood to finish the second nappy change mat and these booties for him.

So here is my second attempt at sewing the baby booties. Of course, I got a little too cocky this time and though oh yeah I know how it's done now. Read on for the big boo boo that I made. I did this pair using the remmants of the baby pouch sling that I made. 8 by 9 inch square is all that I required, that would be a TON of booties! :) So I decided that I would line it with cotton instead of wool felt. Perhaps this is not the best result as it was rather thin.

Thank goodness for fusible web, it is a lifesaver! So here's the little booties before top stitching. They look so cute already just look at the little soles.

Topstitching had been done and I proceeded to sew on the little ribbons. Once again, I am using the leftovers of the grosgrain ribbon from the bear booties. After sewing the ribbons on, I put them together to take a picture. Sigh... I had not flipped one of the tops on when cutting it. I had placed both of the right sides facing up! I made two of the same sides! DOH! What a boo boo, I had it correct at first but I flipped it over just as I was cutting it! Duh...
Anyway, I thought that's fine, he will not know his left from right for ages. Another sad Ling attempt at bootie making.

This time it was much easier to sew the soles to the tops as they were not interfaced. Thank goodness for getting the right materials. So check out the two right side booties. You just have to laugh!


  1. O well, I like the booties despite the fact they are the same sides. :o) sounds like the things I would do too. Are you going to re-make?

  2. Oh They're so cute! Gah! I need to have another baby!

  3. Another comment. Hehe.
    You sound very tired. Rest as much as you can and take care.

  4. They look cute, despite the fact there are two right sides. Maybe make another 2 lefts and then you have 2 pairs!

  5. Becky - Yeap I should remake perhaps I will shelf this until he arrives. :) And I will get wool felt instead so that they hold the shape better. Two layers of cotton was a little floopy and the weight of the ribbons are taking over.

    PinkLizzy - I am tired, I am still working (hate).

    Little Munchkins - I might stuff it up again and make 2 right sides! LOL


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