Friday, May 31, 2013

Help I am on a boat!

I'm holding a boat down so it doesn't take off
I was invited to a leadership meeting and team building event on Thursday morning. When I received the calender invite, I thought..what?! First of all fashion police would arrest me. Leggings, track pants and shorts. Leggings as pants? Really? Socks required on boats and thongs. Socks and thongs? What? Also 7.45am not in the CBD as well. OMGAWD WHAT!!

Anyway I got there in time thank goodness and I was wearing parachute style track pants in the CBD which I took off later. Yeah the shame.. the swishing noise as you walked. OMGAWD... I actually had nothing to wear believe it or not.. Well actually if you read my blog, you would believe me. So I had to wear all of Mick's sports clothes. Thank goodness we are similar sizes. Yes we are... now moving along. 

Leggings as pants yes yes wear long jacket
Here I am demostrating how to avoid leggings as pants issue. You wear a cycling jacket so that it covers your bum. Like how cool do I look here. Yes I am Sporty Spice. Check me out here listening intently to our instructor who also calls out instructions on the boat. Luckily it was not an extremely cold morning and the drizzle stopped and held out until we went back to land.

This picture sums it up!
This pictures just sums up my rowing abilities. Most pictures of me on the boat were like that! Mick says it's my I am doing physical activity look and I do not like it. He also said it's Pickle's I don't like it face. If they had kept me on the boat for longer I would have required Botox and fillers. I was clearly the handicap and I don't know how my team put up with me. You have to remember we are all competitive Type As where we work. Plus these are senior people.. so imagine the anxiety and pressure when we had a race. I thought do not stuff it up now! Actually we won one and lost another by a very small margin. It was hysterical. That's all I can say.

If you want my tips in Olympic style rowing. 
1) Do not go. LOL 
2) If you do go, get the best rower at the front. 
3) Do not over think it. Just keep the rhythm the same as the rower in the front.
4) Discuss hip problems in the boat and how you are very uncomfortable being on the narrow boat. 


  1. Haha, on the brightside least you had fun!

    I used to row in high school and now looking back, I really don't know how I mustered the energy to wake up every single morning and be in the water before sunrise. Yuck.

    1. OMG really!! I want you on my team then.. and you'll definitely not want me!

  2. Hahahaha! Oh, you crack me up. What an adventure!

    1. I know.. i read this again and LOLed at myself. LOL
      It was like omg we are on the water.. omgggg..

  3. Omg Hilarious! I hope I NVR end up in that scenario. I would be one of those idiots that will wear full face of makeup and it'll all get smudged cause I will capsize the boat and get everyone wet. But kudos to you for trying and sharing!

    1. HHAHAH No risk of capsizing!! :) These are very stable actually although.. they don't look it!

  4. LOL The look of determination or pure hell? My husband did this a few years ago and had to do this for a few weeks waking up at 4am. So I politely declined when someone recommended that I do it I already struggle at the gym rowing machine so this really isn't my thing. And socks with thongs...oh my gawwd! NEVER!

    1. Socks with thongs, leggings as pants.. OMGAWD!
      Yes i think the early morning wakeup is just too much (for me).


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