Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: Muk Spa Range Styling Tool 230-IR

The one where I got photo bombed by Spider-Man
You know why I blog about myself and not a specific subject? I can't style food to save my life... I have to ask the other girls to take over and put my caramel slice (probably the one and only thing I keep making for them) on a platter for me. I try to take a decent picture with a decent camera for a beauty post. And I get photo bombed by a Spider-Man that was hiding from the boys on the right. And then I also had to Photoshop the heck out of this picture as I had LIPSTICK ON TEETH. There goes my beauty blogging cred as well. On that note, I ask you to continue reading what I gotta say about what I am using on my hair LOL. This is also a girl that at 16 believed that people were using their clothes iron to "iron" their hair. True story... I might or might not have tried it on myself.

I have been using these Muk Spa products for many months since receiving them at the launch event. Yes it took me this long to write about it as I had pictures issues - see lipstick on teeth problem above. At the event, they demonstrated the Muk Styling Tool 230-IR and Mark who is one of the directors at Muk said we will all be receiving one of these styling tools to take home. Can I just tell you how exciting it is? Mark says that he believes this is an necessary item even if it was just to style the ends. I sound like a broken record. I know that I have straight hair but now I understand what Mark was saying. My ends at now a bit past the shoulder and because they are layered, it flips in different directions. I used the styling tool to get my ends tidied and what I love about it is that there is a fancy LED display with temperature setting. I set mine to 220 but you can customise to suit. I found that this temperature worked the best for me. I also get a kick out of looking at the digital numbers rising (sad!). 

Muk Spa Shampoo & Conditioner
When Mark showed us the shampoo which was passed around, we could see how thick the formula was. It is so thick that you need to wait a little while to do a second pump as it. The argan oil shampoo and conditioner retails for $26.95. Personally I like the smell of this shampoo and the packaging looks expensive. The shampoo and conditioner are formulated to add shine and reduce protein loss from long hair. My stylist has decided that I am growing my hair longer, so I have to say that I am lucky to receive this at the right time.  Personally I would choose the shampoo as the one must have item in this range for myself.

Shine Spray and Treatment Oil
The Argan oil hair spray and treatment oil retails for $34.95. When asked which one single item in the entire range was the "must have". Mark said the treatment oil was the one item that he would recommend over everything else if you would only purchase one. I think it is because my hair length is not as long as most and it is a little on the oily side. But what I did like about the treatment oil is it did not feel greasy. It has a pipette tube and I use a few drops to my hair and rub it into my wet hair before towel drying. I can assure you that it is not a heavy and greasy finish. It feels softer after drying and I do feel a difference with not using it. The treatment oil is also very thick and you have to be careful when you put the "squeezie" tube back in the bottle as the oil will get on the sides of the top. I am a little anal about this due to my "strict Chinese Mum" upbringing. True story, but nobody wants sticky bottles .... :)

The Muk spa range also included a hair mask but I gave it to TheBrunetteOne as she had longer hair than me and would put it to better use!

Price: Retail price wise is ok, it is more than supermarket brands of course but less than the other salon brands. A little goes a long way with the shampoo as well. You also use very little of the treatment oil each time. The styling tool is RRP$199.95, it would be one of my buy it for myself as a treat item. But I managed to curl my own hair (my hair cut does not allow curling now due to layers or I would demo it too) and I have to admit that I secretly love it.

Purpose: Hey my hair is straightened and don't  you think I look totes hot? LOL but seriously my picks would be the shampoo and treatment oil.

Hit me up with comments of Spider-Man awesomeness and your lipstick on teeth at awkward moments stories. Or you can just tell me how hot my hair looks. :)


  1. your hair looks great! so shiny! haha I used to iron my hair when I was in high school, back then straighteners were terrible and it took me 3 hrs so the iron was much better! I'm surprised I didn't burn it all off.

  2. The Made Up MaidenJune 28, 2013 at 12:45 AM

    Aw, you look beautiful in that photo, I do have to lol at the Spiderman photobomb though, I'm amazed at how you managed that!

    Your hair looks totes hot, babe! You make spiderman look good.

    I'm so in love with my MUK straightener too, going to do a blog post soon. :)

  3. Yep, I used to iron my hair when I was 15,16,17.... using a folded up towel to press my hair against the iron and sliiiiiide!

    Burnt my ear a couple of times.


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