Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fried Rice Paradise

What's the best way of using up leftover rice? You cook the darn thing with egg and make it fried rice. I cooked this up for lunch one day when I was working from home. The rice already had corn and peas in it... score.... and winning! So it was off to cube some Spam, I mean salt cubes.

Oh hai you yummy thing
This made me laugh when we went to Costco recently. A whole pallet of SPAM... The Chinese tend to stick to their own canned meat brands like Ma Ling so I have to admit I had not tried Spam before. My friend who used to live in Hawaii absolutely loves this and I bought some as I was super curious. It's a tin of salt really. And I will not debate on whether Spam is fit for human consumption. Let's just say that a lot of people love this stuff.

More SPAM than I get from Blogger Anon comments!
So I started frying up my Spam in my lovely wok. Wok it out... 
Cubed Spammy stuff.. you either drool here or start gagging.

Lovely cubes of salt
Here comes the great debate ... My grandma has always fried the rice and other stuff first then put the egg last. Everyone knows that my Grandma is correct. As she has now lost her memory and pretty much not that aware of her surrounds, I cannot exactly ask her this question so I am asking you guys. The great debate is that everyone else seems to be doing it the other way. Egg first then rice. So my friends, this time I tried egg first. I have never done it this way before. The world is watching as I fry up the egg first. What is gonna happen! Will everything implode into a rice eggy mess? I added a load of white pepper and some Chinese cooking wine and stirred it all up.

Steamy goodness with cubes of salt
Look at that fried rice porn right there. So hot and steamy, Jenna Jameson wished she was rolling around in it. Anyway, my verdict regarding egg first method. What do you do with the big egg bits? See that first picture (yes you gotta scroll upwards). Am I doing this wrong? Ling from Best Beauty Blog says the rice gets soggy if it is added after. Do I just have to stir the egg really quickly? I cannot believe a pure Chinese is blogging this right now. I am about to go eat some laksa and make myself feel more Chink. 

Right.. so let's debate about fried rice (or if you are Chinese.. Fried Lice).


  1. Kay HermosaVogueJune 25, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    fly lice!!

  2. Mmmm, some good comfort food there. When I've made it I do the egg first because I think I saw a TV chef do it that way. But I'm not Chinese so take my method with a grain of spam ;)

  3. that looks soooo delicious! I love fried rice, I now have a massive craving! x

  4. Neeno - Sew Me LoveJune 25, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    I heart Spam.

  5. Oooh I do egg last. I'll have to check with mum what her method is! Sometimes I get a weird SPAM craving when I'm feeding the dog LOL

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA I JUST LOL THERE! Spam = dog food. OMG this post and all my freezer meals makes me so embarrassed.

  7. AHHHAHA grain of spam.. I am so confuseddddd. I gotta try a few methods.

  8. Cook you up some! Spam and all.


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