Monday, November 12, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Red Spice Road Soumah Yum Cha

On Friday night, it was one of those nights and I badly needed this.. Badly. I had a work call at 7.30pm that was with a very senior person in our business. She apologised it was scheduled at such a bad time for me and said to tell her EA next time and reschedule if required. I honestly did not mind and I just wanted to have a drink. Let me state that I do not drink. 3 years of either being pregnant of breastfeeding means I am a lousy drinker these days. But this went down very well.

Hurro WINE TIME Soumah Savarro
We seem to be eating out a fair bit lately... My bad. I am just uninspired to cook and my Mum was here so we decided to go out on Saturday night. I suddenly remembered that Red Spice Road is now opened in QV. Hello underground parking, hello easy to herd the kids up there. And I knew that the restaurant was big as it replaced the old Duck, Duck, Goose. I have not been back to Red Spice Road with Mick in AGES.

Pork Belly
Those who do not have kids yet, take this opportunity to go out and dine out EVERYWHERE. Those who say that their lives did not change.. ok whatever. It changed mine alright. I now eat at 6pm when the senior citizens start rolling in. I ask what time do you open? And you pretty much book the table right bang when they open. You look around frantic if they do not give you a menu straight away. No I do not want to sit and busk in the ambience. My aim is to get there, eat and run off. Every minute counts before one of them decides they had enough or they are tired and will scream at the top of their voice.

Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab
I bring you back to my dinner. I had the Twice Cooked Lamb Ribs as starter ... I erm scoffed it down before I took a picture. I grabbed it and started tearing the meat off for the boys... so no picture sorry! The Pork belly is pretty much their signature dish. But I also ordered the Soft Shell crab with amazing black pepper. They advise to order one less main dish per number of people if you are orderin ala carte. This is immensely helpful as I had no idea about portion size and tend to over order. The Chinese in me won't give up without ordering too much.

Pulut Hitam or Black Sticky Rice
I won't say that this Pulut Hitam or Black Sticky rice was great. I just ordered it because I wanted Pulut Hitam. It was also $14. I think my friends in Singapore are now about to have a heart attack at the price. But the mangoes were yummy and it hit the spot. I am also amazed that my boys behaved for so long and we managed to have a Starter AND Dessert. It is usually a let's just get to the main part and get out before we are banned. My mum approved of the restaurant so I guess we did alright. LOL

The boys running in QV
Mick took the boys out first so that they could run around. This is the fake lawn outside QV Square. D is trying to show off his breakdancing moves.. I'm not sure how/where this came from. So I was told that the boys were amazing and we are always welcomed back anytime! YAY!!

Gold Leaf Preston Yum Cha
I leave you with my favourite Nom Cha. It has been a long time since I had Yum Cha and I was seriously going mad with people's IG and Twitter about their Nom Bragging at Yum Cha. We went back to Gold Leaf Preston. It was severely good! It hit the spot and D has decided that prawns is his favourite again now. It was 1.30pm which meant the food kept on coming. We did not have to wait for anything to come around. I think I am now converting back to Gold Leaf! I want to state for the record nothing is better than Yum Cha on the weekends!


  1. Nom cha looks Soooooook good!

    1. Nom cha is amazeballs. You will need to go in the cbd!!!

  2. I love Red Spice Road, the pork belly is the best there.

    Didn't know there is another one. It kind of makes it feel less special though or I am being an idiot?

    1. Frankly for me it's a fantastic thing. It's easier to park in QV, you just park downstairs and pay $10 for whatever for the weekend. This is a much larger place and they do not have that huge communal bench. I honestly do not care to queue up for my food as I cannot do so with the boys. Get the food in them and go is my motto. LOL

  3. I hope the boys appreciate the fine dining experiences heh. I'm sure most of their friends eat at maccas so good on you for still eating out.

    I hope to do that when I have kids.

    1. I think they do.. They will not eat Maccas to be honest. I tried when D was very young and would eat anything. He spit it out. Since then I had to bring them to Maccas once as I was wasting time while waiting for Mum's flight. I had to get them apple slices LOL.

  4. We eat out at least once a week, and this is in a period of hardcore saving. Beforehand it was at least twice and sometimes more. Can't imagine doing it with kids. I like how you are training the boys to behave themselves and eat good food, they will know how to wine and dine a lady very well one day! haha

  5. Is QV branch of Red Spice Road just as good?
    Tempted, tempted.
    Maybe we should do an early bird dinner together one day, $25/head! Pork bellllleeeeehhhh!

  6. Pork belly AND soft shell crab seals the deal for me! I'll show this post to my husband and guaranteed we'll go there :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Haha love it! That's how we eat out with our 1 year old! Get there, eat and run!


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