Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Collaboration

There is nothing better than payday shopping. Nothing. I talk a lot about online shopping but sometimes I just want to go into a physical store. I had a quasi hard week.. another one. Yeah. You must be sick of hearing my hard weeks. So I shall take you straight to Shu Uemura.

I trooped to David Jones because I wanted to mentally purchase all the Louboutins in there and imagine myself walking out with all these new shoes but also because I wanted to look at Shu Uemura. I was told today that they are going to become a concession store from next week onwards and will have a wider range in the DJ CBD store! I went back downstairs to the makeup department to find Shu Uemura. I had to walk around looking a little lost as I had no idea where the Shu Uemura counter was. Don't laugh!

My Goodies!!
My skincare BFF at work said that I am 764.. 7 - beige, 6 is the shade with 9 being lightest and she forgot what the last number was. Anyone care to clarify? And I was very excited to find out that she was quite right! Iris who was at the counter thought I could either be 764 or 774. I went with 774 and it was a perfect match. As Iris was so helpful and applied my makeup with primer and got me a great match, I bought the Face Architect Illuminating foundation without hesitating.

I also bought the Peach Tsuya UV Under Base Mousse which was in the Karl Lagerfeld collection packaging. Big hint if you are after one, run in now and get the Karl packaging as it is the same thing but it is cheaper at $49!

In the meantime check these Karl Lagerfeld Eyeshadow Palettes, these have been reduced in price to $88 recently. I am now hoping that the price I have published here is correct. The mind blanked about what it was before when I opened the palettes... now you see why figures just went over my head here?

This one has my name on it

OMG MakingUpVita is saying gimme gimme gimmeeee

I thought of Vita from Makeup4MyAge immediately when I saw this. I know she has a thing for purple, add glitter in the mix, she's sold.

The comments from the foundation were, it looks like your own skin (colour match) but just better. Mick also thought that I looked different and had makeup on when I got home. He said it looked 'softer'. Woohoo. Can't wait to try this on for the weekend.

So have I tempted you to run out and get those eyeshadow palettes?


  1. Both palettes look really nice. If I don't have kids and mortgage I'll definitely get them!

    1. I know right.. i wonder if it's cheaper overseas.
      Someone has confirmed that Malaysia is much cheaper.

  2. Damn! I should've bought them duty free before I left Singapore! Saw them was tempted but knew I would go overboard had I done so. Plus we nearly missed our flight back and that was me just getting my perfume & the YSL glossy stain! But, I do love that 2nd palette and would love to try out the foundation, especially if it matches perfectly to my skin.

    1. Ahhhh you go in earlier to go duty free shopping!!
      Yeah have a look at the foundation - you can be sneaky and order from SN it's about $10 cheaper I think.

  3. They're so pretty... in a good way I'm not into make-up (super sensitive skin) though they are so pretty :P

    1. I know... just look at it! I opened it and went :O

  4. You cheeky little thing - OF COURSE I went gaga over that palette!!!! - and that was BEFORE I saw your little blurb at the bottom of the pic. Gimme Gimme Gimme!!! I'm going to cry now (not really but you know)...

  5. I want the second palette too! So pretty!!!!!!



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