Monday, November 26, 2012

Stalk my Noms: Pavlova featuring Bodum Hand Mixer

Ingredients - ignore the toys in background
I honestly thought that I had a post about Pavlovas before but a search suggests otherwise. But this is a fav to do when people come over. It looks impressive but you can prepare the base earlier. Whip the cream topping and prepare the fruit prior to your guests arriving. This is what we Mick did for the Pav.

Ingredients (variations made on Donna Hay's recipe from back of Cornflour box)

4 egg whites
1 cup caster sugar
2 tsp cornflour 
2 tsp white vinegar

250ml cream
Passionfruit pulp (we used tin ... ducks to avoid food bloggers throwing stones at us)

The amazing red Bodum beater and Mum's retro bowls
Preheat the oven to 150C and get whisking. We were kindly armed with the red Bodum beater at and many thanks to Brad who organised this for us! This is to prove that if you do not have the space in your kitchen for a stand mixer you are still able to make amazing things with a handheld.  Do not let this stop you people! Sometimes I just prefer to use a handheld especially if I am making a recipe that uses small quantity items. It is sometimes overkill to cream 80g of butter with the Kitchenaid. Plus the Bodum range comes in so many pretty colours! I am a big fan of this brand.

Start whisking!
Do you see what I did up there? By posing with the handheld mixer everyone now believes that I made the Pav. YAY!!!

Beat till stiff peaks
Add in the sugar gradually when stiff peaks form. Then beat in shifted cornflour and the vinegar. Make sure you shift the cornflour in as there are big lumps. And beat this in thoroughly. The Bodum mixer has rubber 'feet' at the bottom to stand the mixer on its side. The best feature of this mixer has to be wind up wire. You know how you shove wires into a drawer just to pack the item away? The wire is retractable into the actual mixer. You just wind it back and pull it to unwind when you want to use it again. You just have to admire this design!

Form it upwards and high
Mick likes to form his pav upwards and high. I know some people instruct to have a dip in the centre but he prefers it this way. Don't forget to line your tray please!! Then reduce oven temperature to 120C, bake for an hour and 20minutes. Turn oven off and let the completed pavlova cool completely in the oven.

Break centre portion

D helping with the cream
Then you get yourself a child minion to help with the beating of the cream. No this one is not available for hiring out sorry. The Bodum Hand Mixer has 5 speed settings and we used about a 3 to 4 for the egg whites and lower for the cream. But it did not take long at all. 

Finished! Let's chow down!
The fruit flan on the right was made by Vita. Go check her nails out and convince her to share this recipe! And don't forget to come back for a new Stalk my weekend cos I actually did stuff this weekend.

For disclosure purposes, had provided the Red Bodum Bistro Hand Mixer.


  1. I'm yet to read the recipe because my eyes are hooked on the Bodum mixer! It looks so sleek. Running over to kitchenware direct now...

    1. OMG GIRL YOU NEED ONE if you have a small kitchen. This is the Da Bomb dot com. Look at it. Look Mum no wires!

    2. Done, I bought one!!! Hahaha! HELLO other readers there's only two left so hurry!

  2. You make me laugh! That pavlova went down a treat - melt in the mouth goodness!!!

  3. Yummy pavlova!! It was sooo good!

  4. I've been wanting to make pavlova lately, and now you've inspired me! It looks awesome! I love the idea of a retractable cord too. What a brilliant idea.

  5. Lol! I loved how you a) posed with the mixer then b) got a child minion to help whisk the cream! Thank goodness I've got 3 minions to help me! :D


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