Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stalk my noms: Bistro Vue

Remember that time that I took time off work? No? Well me neither now. So bear in mind it was wintery when we went and I was not just a crazy person wrapping myself up in a big jacket. Bistro Vue was highly recommended by lots of people on Twitter and namely the gorgeous Rita-Marie from La Clinica. I wore my Escada zebra boots circa 2004 or something LOL and my Tory Burch treach with a teal Scanlan & Theodore dress underneath. These boots are so crazy and out there. I used to wear them to work and randoms would come up and touch them, I will still be wearing them when I am 60 and a haggard loony.

Tory Burch Trench and Escada boots
Anyway, as a surprise for Mick I had organised an adult lunch for us. We ran and dumped left the boys at childcare with great enthusiasm. Bear in mind it was winter when we went. He did not know where we were going but of course when I got into the car, I went into the passenger seat as per usual. HAHAH.

Yummy escargots

Soft Shell Crab

Confit Duck

Lamb Shoulder
You know how sometimes you go somewhere and then you order something different from who you are eating with? And then you get food envy? Yeah to combat this, we shared everything. I have to say that I was really loving my first escargot experience. The lamb shoulder was a highlight and I have to admit I was surprised that it was not the confit duck that got me. The soft shell crab was crispy and fresh. Definitely would reorder any of these items.

Chocolate Souffle
I leave you with my half eaten chocolate souffle. I went to Vue De Monde many years ago while pregnant as a last chance get out while you can event with Mick. We were seated near the kitchen pass and I was drooling over the chocolate souffles that kept coming out. We thought that we had ordered that by saying we want the souffle. Well, we didn't get THAT souffle. So this was a pay back. When served they would stab the souffle in the middle, twirl the knife around and pour the chocolate sauce in. The next table had food envy! I really did enjoy my experience in Bistro Vue, it was stress-free dining (not too formal) but formal enough that we felt it was a special outing.

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  1. Yum @ the Duck

    I have never been to the Bistro Vue but have seen a few bloggers post about it recently. Putting it on the list!

    How do you go with keeping your white trench clean? I don't own any block white outfits for that reason.

    1. Honestly I thought the confit duck would be the highlight. But the lamb... the lambbbbbbb. And the souffle.. the chocolate souffle...

      I don't ever learn, i have a cream coloured jacket that has a grey mark on it now. :S Anyway, it is not too bad to be honest and it only means that you wash/dryclean it more often :)

  2. Mmmm yummy! All looks delish.

    And those boots! They're fab x

    1. Oh Hurro Cat! Glad you're still around. :) They are indeedy delish.

  3. Replies
    1. They are crazy ridiculous and out there. But so comfy.


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