Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: BBQ, Fascinators and Scooter

I received the train sets that I bought from Singapore through help from my friend on Friday evening. They were pretty expensive for 2 sets of wind up Thomas and Friends trains. Anyway, after spending all that money... D has decided he really really wants a scooter. Mick said let's get him one because it's Christmas. What will i do with the trains?! But look what the boys came home with! This was salvaged from hard rubbish. Mick still has to check it thoroughly but it looks ok so far. D asked if this was someone's rubbish and Mick had to explain recycling to him. :)

La Clinica Cleansing Oil Door Gifts!
On Saturday we had lots of "Aunties" come over to visit. D had been hounding me since 9am if his visitors were coming. When you have bloggers come over, this is what you lay out on the welcome table. Glasses ready for Tequila Sunrises and door gifts of La Clinica Anti-Aging Beautiful Skin Cleansing oils! Everyone was frocked up like they were heading to the races. This is my Races BBQ which evolved into a theme as MadeUpMaiden suggested that we wear fascinators.

Vita from Make Up 4 My Age & Kerri
Alright now left to right we have Norlin (standing) from Baubles, Bubbles, Bags, Ash from Miss Directions, Ling from The Best Beauty Blog, Nalini from Made Up Maiden, Kerri from The Ugly Moments, Me in my yellow Target dress and Emma from Emma Bovary Beauty 
Ok that was a handful of links to do ^^ Phew.. Egg-hausted. So you see that I did end up keeping the Yellow Target dress! We did a KK swap and I had D to help hand out the presents. It was so uber cute!!

Oh hai! I has tongue

Oh hai I is cute
On Sunday, we had split the boys up as D was going to swimming and Pickles could not get a space. So Mick took him out while we were at swimming. This week D wanted me to take him and we were early because he was so excited to go. What do we end up doing? We took selfies. About 5 mins down the road by car, Mick and Pickles were doing the same. Photostream doesn't lie!!! 

This weekend was just exhausting.. much thanks to Mick for organising all the food (or D will say chow chow) for the ladies who came over. All I did was buy the lamb leg and that was epic enough as I left it in the office and left to go home! He pretty much did everything else that day like you know cook me dinner! I shall leave you with my dinner from Saturday night. Leftover Afghan spice rubbed BBQ lamb leg and Roza's Basil Mustard pesto with pasta. This combination was amazeballs. When I first had the Basil Mustard pesto on it's own I thought it was a little weird. But I think this worked really well together.

For disclosure purposes: Roza's Gourmet Sauces did not sponsor this post. La Clinica generously provided me with the cleansing oils which I chose to use as door gifts :) 


  1. Oh a blogger meet, cute!

    Your hubby is a bit of a hottie I must say. :p

    1. Lollerskates, he's a bit of an alright ain't he? HAHHAa

  2. Yay :-) was such a good day, thanks to you and Mick for all your efforts.

    Looking forward to the next gathering :-)


  3. You are the hostess with the mostest! I had a ball - now you must come to my place :) xo

  4. AH! So you used Afghan spice on the roast lamb! Was going to ask you what spice rub you used because I LOVED it! Thanks so much for hosting the "Racing BBQ" (oi! you copy my theme! :p), I had a lot of fun, chatting, eating, laughing. GREAT company, great host and please thank Mick for making all the food. :)

  5. I had a wonderful time Ling, lucky to have met so many people I connect with so well =) Your family are ace.


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