Monday, November 19, 2012

Stalk my Noms: Jus Burgers South Yarra

Jus Burger: Roo Burger & Cheeseburger
We were recently kindly invited to Jus Burgers in South Yarra to review their yummy burgers. I pretty much won best wife award for 2012 with this review from Mick as he loves burgers so much. Jus Burgers philosophy is simply to source from local producers and do not freeze any of their meat. Sounds pretty good to me! So we made our way down to Chapel Street in South Yarra. Can I just say that I have not been to South Yarra in ages and it was totally funny as I had to sit the boys outside of Condom Kingdom to google the address as I had transposed the digits incorrectly in my memory bank.

Waiting for our burgers!
Mmmm Burgers... The boys shared a Cheeseburger, I had ordered the Roo Burger with Green Chilli Jam and Mick had the Organic Beef. For sides, we had onion rings and a Spanish slaw. Corey suggested we try the organic Cola and not the normal Coca Cola. Mick is now converted and said he can no longer drink normal Coke. The organic Cola is not as acidic and had a stronger Cola flavour. The boys of asked for juice but I told them to have water. :) Are you proud of us Dr Tung? While waiting for our burgers, the boys played with the dinosaur with our order number on it by passing it between them. D asked if he could take it home, thankfully he did not notice when it was taken back by the lovely service staff.

Organic Beef Burger + chips, slaw and green tomato pickle
Onion Rings Spanish Slaw
The onion rings came with aioli that was to die for. The burgers were a meal deal with chips, green tomato pickle and a yummy slaw. I strongly suggest trying the onion rings but the chips -> look at those chips! They are amazing with the aioli dip and pickle! That's D eating his onion ring in the background. 

Pickles did not want his burger which was his loss and clung onto the chips. I really mean it, he held onto two chips and would not give it up even when we got into the car. 

Action at the Front area
The above was the front bar area where the action is, they also have seats outside on the street - it is after all Chapel Street! And a quieter area behind where this picture was taken. Parents with kids would appreciate the back area and there is a wall where kids' drawings are displayed.

D's drawing
Jus Burgers is a child friendly place, don't forget to ask for an activity sheet when you order and crayons. D insisted that his drawing is left on the wall. Pickles did not colour one as he was busy eating his chips and dancing on the bench. 

Jus Burgers
364 Chapel Street, South Yarra (near Cnr of Commercial Road)
(03) 9827 1318

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  1. Whoa forget the burgers... right now I want to devour those chips and the 'slaw... YUM!!!

  2. I've had my dinner but've made me drool and hungry again just by looking at the pictures! Those chips look so yummy & wow ONION RINGS!!! I don't blame Pickles for not wanting to let go of those chips - I won't either!

  3. Wow. *Adds to Four Square to do list*.

  4. Those chips look so good right now.. especially since I have just had a salad for dinner! Gah

  5. I must add this to my list of burger joints to try *drools*.

  6. That burger looks delicious! Looks like your boys liked the onion rings too!

    When I was in melbs recently I went to Merrywell at Crown and I have to say their burgers were pretty delish and not too outlandishly priced

  7. Exsqueeze me. How does one get invited to review burgers!!! Da fuq!!! I want that gig waaaah pick meee! Haha yum I'm in bed just brushed my teeth but would totally smash all of that . AND do some coloring in too. Seriously bishhh reviewing burgers. Wantwantwant I want to review cheese wine and ciggies. Hook a sister up.

  8. I need more burgers in my life thanks to your post.

    - KK

  9. Love Jus burgers...for once something has come over West to you lovely guys in Melbourne! I prefer Jus burgers over Grilled..the onion rings are to die for!!!

  10. Mmm we went to Jus burgers when we were in Perth last year and the onion rings were to dieeee for!

    So excited I can get them here now!


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