Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to get kids to eat vegetables

Kids' Veggie patch
I cannot remember at what point D stopped being the baby that ate anything I gave him to picking out the "yucky green stuff". I think it was around 18 months to 2years. He would only selectively eat carrots and peas. Anything remotely green, he would say no. Especially broccoli that we kept adding to his stir fry. He would say no, it is yucky.

On a Tuesday evening I had picked D and Pickles up from their daycare and as usual I read what D had done that day. I read that they harvested broccoli, they cut it up and cooked it. All of the kids ate it. ... I thought in my head erm yeah right no way. Then I saw a picture of D holding something to his mouth and I thought surely not? During the drive home, I asked if he had broccoli. He said yes it's YUMMY and sweet. I nearly fainted in the car. He said there's no more Mummy. I said I would go to the supermarket to get him more broccoli. He said ok Mummy, I come with you.

That week we cooked this noodles with chicken and broccoli. He picked up the broccoli and ate it first. Then rubbed his tummy saying ummmm.. Yummy. I also nearly fainted that time. And again he asked me for beans and some more broccoli.

Next time I saw the girls at D's room, I told them what happened and they were so excited and had said that all the kids tried some except for one boy who strongly refused. They were really happy about this and honestly, so am I. I cannot believe they did this veggie patch and involved the kids in potato planting, carrots, beans, broccoli and cabbage growing.

There you go, that's how you get them to eat their greens!


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    1. We had intention to do something like this at home, at least in pots or something. But childcare beat me to it.. So glad it did work.

  2. So happy ladies.. @kay and @Ichigo he said mmmm yummy!!


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