Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Wedding, Hail, Fluff, Pork Ribs

For the first time in a LONG time, I was invited to a wedding!
Oh hello! This was a family wedding so we all trooped to a winery dressed in our best. Yes there was hail and rain forecasted plus it was in Gippsland. I had no backup dress and Mick insisted I wore this dress that he bought me. Which is all well and good except that the dress was not altered for length. I thought I would wear it with my Louboutin Very Prive. But how can you run after kids and plot through a winery wedding in them? I can barely sit in them! This is me trying to find shoes at the last minute and now I had an issue of having a dress that is too long. LOL

The mess trying to get ready
Face of the day - I don't do FOTD posts but because I scrubbed up a bit of alright.. I will. Illasmasqua neutral eye palette (all 4 colours), Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed powder in Real Sand. Nars Deep Throat blusher, Chanel Coco Shine 63 Rebelle and Dior 662 Ultra Gloss Flash on top. I have yet to work out if the LM pressed powder is actually a foundation or just a powder and whether I am even "Real Sand". There was nobody at the counter when I went there so I went to town testing all the shades.

We are so into Selfies
I finally found a pair of shoes - again circa 2005. Those were good years for me financial wise AHAHHA. Nude Chanel with metal CC across one of the front strap. It also has a metallic silver heel with gold CCs at the back. It's like amazeballs. I remember that I used to wear them to work, I should do that again.

Oh look, I'm dressed like a giant red packet in this dress

We are armed with weaponed balloons
The boys were pretty well behaved. But at some point in the day, someone brought out the big gun - an iPad. So they started running between the iPad and the big screen TV where everyone was watching the AFL Grand Final. D would even cheer when everyone else was cheering while eating his party pie. The groom's father is actually a kids' party balloon entertainer. He was so funny he had me in hysterics too. He asked if D could have a weapon of mass destruction. He made this sword and gave it to him but he said that he wanted a dog instead like Pickles'. Anyway, both balloons became weapons of mass destruction as they proceeded to whack each other with it for ages. I might have also joined at some point hitting Pickles on the head a fair bit (passive aggressive much?)

King's Jade Salt Pepper Pork Ribs
We were so tired the next day and can't think of cooking lunch ... so guess what! We had a craving for roast meat on rice. King's Jade is in Bulleen and it is amazingggg.. Today I tried the salt pepper pork ribs on rice and it was so yummy.

This stuff is horrifying
We went to Leo's for food shopping in the afternoon and I walked past this. Fluff. Fluff my friend is spreadable marshmallow. I will not even go there. This reminds me of my ex boss who brought a jar back for us from America. She claimed it was amazing and delicious. Nobody.. not one single person would touch it. It sat on someone's desk for months and finally we could throw it out after she went back home.

Everyone's had enough
This is what happens at 6pm when you go out for a drive to the supermarket because you have run out of plain flour. Both of them were sound asleep and Mick carried them in from the car. I'm not sure how D even managed to kick his shoes off and go back to sleep!

I am going back to my Mac and Cheese dinner and about to crash like these two boys.


  1. I love that pic of you in the red dress with the picturesque Gippy in the background!

  2. You loook soooooooooo lovely! Love the Red on you.
    and of course, the boys looking as adorable as always.
    Spreadable Marshmallow? I wouldn't even know what you should spread marshmallow with?! Thats a weird word, Marshmallow.
    - KK

  3. A wedding on GF day in Victoria no less, very scandalous!

    I love winery weddings (I had one)

  4. Omg I can't believe you found fluff in Aus! It's actually not bad when eaten with peanut butter on crispy toast..but yes should generally be avoided otherwise!

    1. Me neither.. i was like HUH! Did a double take and had to take a pic for proof.

  5. You look gorgeous!

    I only heard of that fluff stuff in the movie Julie and Julia... sounds scary enough!!

  6. The dress looks awesome :-) Red is always a winner. Mick has good taste :-)

  7. marshmellow fluff!! I miss that stuff

  8. Oooh eeeh! You look totally gorge in that dress! I think I need to try that Fluff at least once too :)

  9. You, a Melbournian, wore a red dress to a wedding on Grand Final day?? I'm glad you were secretly supporting the Swannies ;)

    Gah love your VPs. My HPs don't fit me fat feet properly, should have gotten VPs!

  10. I like the lipstick shade very much, Ling! You look great in red (would be a faux pas to wear at a Chinese wedding, wouldn't it? Hehehe.)

    1. No lah.. red is ok for weddings. Black is no no nooo. Only thing is end up like an ang pow. Chanel lipstick love :)


    Ok I'll stop yelling. But I thought of you when I saw this:

    Scroll 3/4 way down


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