Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stalk my Noms: Ramen Ya Paramount Centre Bourke St

Ramen set with Gyoza
You know when you have a noodle craving (that would be me everyday) and nothing quite hits the spot except for Ramen? There are faux ramen and real ramen. Faux is when the place is runned by Chinese and the staff are yelling in Cantonese or most likely Chinese these days. I'm looking at you Ajisen. My colleague calls Ajisen tasty, I call it a MSG hell. I am not one who hates MSG, I am Chink.. i eat MSG. But I walked away from Ajisen about to cry from MSG overload after lunch. I don't remember it being that bad from when they opened a few years ago.

Salivating over Ramen

OMG about to cry... gyoza and ramen. Double whammy! This is the standard soup stock and I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. The noodles is $10 and you add $4 for green tea and gyoza/salad. Both Mick and I stupidly tried to drink the tea with the strainer still on. HAHAHAH I was like WTH man, I want to drink my tea but it's filled with leaves and rice. Until we realised... oopppssss you lift the top level up. Oohhhhhh...

Bento Box set
D and Pickles shared a crispy chicken bento box. Check that out... Pickles pretty much drank one bottle of orange juice and refused to eat anything other than a few pieces of chicken. D pretty much only wanted rice except we had to dig the sesame seeds out and did not want chicken. This is when I decided no drinks before the food arrives for the boys anymore.

Balls.. just balls with squid
When I was still living in Singapore a friend of a friend started the chain of these squid balls with his Japanese business partner. It was a huge hit... and actually they still exist. Which is a big deal in fickle minded Singapore. In fact a few other people started their own ball versions. I can never resist ordering these takoyaki balls if they are on the menu. And if you look at what I had, I clearly did not need it! And actually I did not finish it. The texture of the balls were not as nice as my teenage memory of what I ate in Singapore, it was a little hard or maybe I was too stuffed to eat anymore!


  1. Yum! I love takoyaki balls. And MSG! It's where the flavour's at.

    1. I know! I embrace MSG but this other place called Ajisen was so MSG loaded that I was like :O

  2. Nom nom! I have noodle cravings all the time too! When I get pregnant I might use it as an excuse to eat just noodles if I can get away with it!

    1. There is never an excuse required for noodle loving!!


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