Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nigella on a win with this recipe Lemon Raspberry Muffins

Ok so thanks to Julie at I dream in Chocolate I had won the Nigella How to be a Domestic Goddess book if you recall.

Zesty lemonsssss
The amazing thing is Nigella is telling ME how to be a domestic goddess.. I joke. Ok I had made the little cupcakes from this book in the food processor. It went really well except Miss Lawson failed to tell me that it only fills 8 cupcakes. And they were small cupcakes not the full to the brim ones that I normally make. That is fine! But still I wondered how she could claim this recipe made 12!?

We had a ton of lemons and the boys were sanding the deck and playing about outside. So I sneaked in to make lemon and raspberry muffins. It worked really well I have to say!
The idea I think was to curdle the milk with the lemon juice into some sort of buttermilk. It was moist, yummy and easy to make. You just melt the butter and you do not have to cream sugar and butter.

Ta da Muffins

I might have been a bit stingy on the frozen berries. I used a mixed berry mixture that was frozen. Probs should have chucked more into the batter. But it was really yummy.


  1. Ooh, they look tasty! I must break out my cook books again (they're still all in boxes) and get baking. Yum yum. Nigella's recipes are always so indulgent, but plain yummy :)

  2. Ooh yummy! I love Nigella's recipes. Although I have noticed her quantities are off more than once when using her recipes - she always says it makes more than it does! Either she is lying or we are missing a vital part of the recipe haha

  3. Look good :-)

    I don't see Claw though?

  4. They look good, I am quite partial to Nigella's recipes. I have one of her books (can't remember the name) that is quite good. How do you rate How to be a Domestic Goddess?

    1. Honestly I have not tried enough of the recipes to judge. My problem is that i jump on google for a recipe too soon and I do not use my books enough. Do you have this issue too?


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