Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Score: Mel Jelly sandals!

A girflriend asked if I wanted to have lunch.. sure thing! Should we also go to Myer to have a browse? Of course you would!

You know how you walk around aimlessly without any plans to buy anything and then BOOM.. random score? Holler... We were looking at Mel shoes that were about $45-50. I didn't know that Melissa had a cheaper sister range called Mel. There you go.. you learn something new.

Mel Jelly Shoes
I was wondering around the discount section of Myer as you would! And I saw this shoe with no price tag and no indication if it was on sale or just dumped at the wrong section. By some random luck it was my size. So I said that I told the lady that I would buy them. You pretty much have to stalk someone and just stand next to them until she is available to serve you in Myer as you would know.

When she scanned them, they were reduced by an additional 30% and was $20. Yeah ok I'll take them! I wear them to take the boys swimming as all the fighting and yelling means sometimes I have to stand really close to the water and used to get my sneakers wet. It is still slightly yucky when you have wet toes but because they are jelly they dry really quickly. Yay!! Random Score shopping rocks.


  1. SCORE!! I'm feeling the need for jellies.

    SSG xxx

  2. Awesome score - I love jelly flats of any kind! They're so practical for wet days when you can't exactly wear gumboots out :)


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