Monday, September 17, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: bubbles shopping spa

This weekend was uber exciting for me. I had taken off Friday AND Monday. Yeah like seriously 4 day weekend. Woohoo...

One the sad note, our Nespresso is busted and the replacement machine did not come in time. Seriously - this is why you pay so much for your machines. You get one loan machine sent to you while they take yours away to fix. They will not loan frothers but still!!! Ok George Clooney should also deliver said replacement but Star Track Express will do.

So on Friday, I hustled the boys out the door to childcare (this reminds me I have not paid her yet!) and got myself to my 8.45am. Yes people 8.45am appointment at Sanctum Body Therapy. They are an exclusive La Clinica product beauty spa. I had the Signature Treatment and it was amazing. Look what I received on my way out? I thought it was a discount card but when I opened it later, it was a giftcard for the same treatment that I had. I thought I could cry!

Gift card for another treatment!

I also had lunch with my BFF on Victoria St. Who can say no to Calamari, spicy Tom Kha soup and rice? Mmmm rice.

THEN.. some more shopping at Doncaster. As if I had not spent enough. I bought some Nespresso crealto pods. We needed pods but really I wanted a coffee and did not want to pay for one. C'mon... i wanted to try the limited edition pod alright? And I did buy pods.. 90 of them pods. And with no machine!

Got pods, no machine that works!
Then it was time to update the Country Road work pants situation. I had been scraping the bottom of the barrel with work pants. Nothing much really takes my fancy and I had to go back to Country Road. As these black pants do not ever go on sale, I just had to buy them at full price. The good news is inflation did not hit them either. $99 and the striped Tshirt was $39.95.

Country Road work clothes haul
I totally forgot that I had a $20 Myer gift card so guess what?! I had to buy a yellow dress from Target. It was only $49 but I do not normally buy Target clothes unless they are on sale. I thought why not, there is my size which is hard to find in Target and I had a gift card. I am undecided on it. Let me know if I should keep or return!

Target Yellow Dress Keep or Return?
Yesterday the boys had to recover from their colds. I actually managed to get a home visiting doctor to see Daniel as he was coughing so hard. But on Saturday, we turned on the bubble machine. I have to admit I also secretly love the old bubble machine. How cute is the hippo!

Bubble Machine Fun
It was time to fight the ironing pile that was growing so high. I had been wearing the same old same old to work - the non-ironing required dresses and I was wondering if people were noticing. HAHHA

Sunday night fun


  1. Dress = KEEP!

    Hahaha! When you said D was coughing, and then you started talking about the bubble machine.. I thought you meant D turned into a bubble machine! Get it?! EW.

  2. I vote keep the dress. Yellow is very versatile, would look cute with little tan belt, or you can even go out there with yellow and it still works!

  3. Your boys are so adorable!!
    Yes, I think keep the dress! Lovely dress for summer!

  4. Now I can see the whole thing I vote keep the dress too! Target clothes are pretty good quality so I check out their stuff regularly. Love seeing the boys enjoying the bubbles :)

    1. Yeap! Target is great.. i'm slightly upset that they have decided to go tight and half line their dresses. Only the bodice has lining on some of the new ones that i bought.

  5. OMG how cute are your kids with the bubbles??

  6. How lovely of Sanctum! And you did so well with your deals (but 90 CAPSULES?!)! What happened to keeping the gift card for Illamasqua lol?!


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