Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stalk my weekend: Hurro Kitty, Sun, Retro Californian bungalow

Packaging is fun to play with
Guess what the boys found on Saturday morning. Oh I am going to play with packaging. They loved it. They called it snow and Pickles was pretending he was a crane making crane noises and lifting and dropping the protective packaging up and down. Hilarious! ... not that hilarious when it comes to cleaning up. Mick moved it all outside the back door.... which only means that they found it the next day again. Oh my goodness....

Oh look what is that? SUN!
How good was the weather on the weekend? It meant that we could go out and have some fun. This is D wanting to push his Dad who almost knocked him over at one point. Anyway that swing without the protective chain is the scene of the crime where I may or may not have failed to catch Pickles when he fell over backwards a week ago - head first. He has never asked to go back on that swing again.

Retrolicious bathroom
There was a retrolicious California bungalow house that was open for inspection when we were at the playground. I told Mick I wanted to go have a look. It had the most beautiful facade and a gorgeous porch.. hello PORCH. I told him that he had to go have a look at the bathroom. Check out that bathroom! It would have been the height of sophistication in the 1950s. Pink and grey throughout, even the sink and vanity was this colour scheme. And no, we are not looking for a new house. But this one is on the market for auction advertised at $1.1-$1.2M if anyone is interested.

Oh hai Kitty! I eated it!
I actually went out this weekend too people! Yeah like OUT in the night. Like I did Chap Laps! LOL more like I was stuck in 11pm traffic on Chapel Street outside Jam Factory. Check out BFF K's Hello Kitty party. I had forgotten what Chapel Street near the Toorak Road side looked like these days. Hello where did all those fancy high rise apartments on Toorak Road come from? And did you know that there is an Urban by Target store open near Jam Factory now? Came back and had such a bad night as the boys kept crying and wanted to wake up at 4am. Poor Mick and his wrecked/tired Fathers' Day. I did a bagel run with the boys the next morning so that he could have a bit of sleep. This is lucky that we had Faux Fathers' Day last week. 


  1. I love Urban by Target. I feel a lot more comfortable shopping in there than Topshop, lol! I grabbed some great bargains at Urban's end of season sales.

  2. I used to live in a house that had a bathroom just like that (in fact, it's giving me flashbacks) except that it was mauve instead of pink. Insane!


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