Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stalk my Noms: Trunk Restaurant Melbourne

Minute Steak with Onion Rings
We had gone to Trunk previously for a team lunch. But I do believe that the menu has grown since a year ago. Last time I was there I had a pasta. But this time I ordered a minute steak with onion rings.

The steak was fantastic. Seriously so good. The onion rings were really hard though. I had some trouble cutting into them. In the end I grabbed it and started munching into it but had to leave some of the onion ring behind (felt bad!).

The tiramisu (sorry no pic as we inhaled it so quickly) that I shared with a colleague was amazing. I also managed to steal a spoonful of sticky date pudding. Honestly order the sticky date pudding. It is sweet but gosh it is good!


  1. Yum yum yum yum yum. That steak looks so good, but THOSE ONION RINGS! YUM.

    Have you tried the steak at the Stolberg yet? With pepper sauce?! HAVE YOU?! If not, seriously, do yourself a favour and tryyyy itttttt!!!!

    1. It was yummy steak. Onion rings a little too hard it hurt.

      I have NOT tried the steak yet and it sounds like I HAVE to. LOL

    2. Do it. Seriously, dooooo eeeeeet!!

  2. Damn shame the onion rings were hard! Still gives me a craving for them though, haha! :))

  3. Hahahah we inhaled the desserts too! But I agree the desserts are NOM AS FFFFFFF!!!! I am trying to convince our team to do xmas lunch there... I am torn between ordering the pasta again or ordering something new. Id be happy to try ALL the pastas on offer! NOMOMNOM

  4. Sticky date pudding, YUM. I wonder if it is hard to make....


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