Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stalk my noms: Dessert House Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Beans

Mmmm My fav combo Green Tea & Red Beans
I think I was the last Chinese in the area to find out about Dessert Story opening in Doncaster Westfield! I have never tried this but I keep seeing this Dessert Story popping up on Instagram. I finally stumbled on it and it is right outside Coles and ANZ Bank. 

The funny thing is, the Chinese words mean "Dessert House" but I am not sure why they are called Dessert Story, perhaps it is because there is already a Dessert House in the CBD/Chinatown. 

So I had a shock of my life when this arrived on my table. Lucky I only ordered one thing. Also lucky as it is $10. $10!!! There was a huge pile of ice cream infront of me and I nearly freaked out. When I started eating the ice cream, I realised it was a light fluffy shaved ice texture. Which sort of was weird yet pleasant at the same time. D did not touch it at all but Pickles hoed in like it was Christmas, desperately fishing for ice cream and taking out the red beans. 

I think I will get something else next time... looking forward to taro balls or something really Chinese next time.


  1. I still havent been yet, I love green tea and red beans!

  2. Loveeee green tea ice cream, not a fan of red bean like that. I'd order it, eat all the green tea and make Liam eat the red beans! Haha. That white boy is more Asian than I am most of the time.

    I think they've opened up a Dessert Story in Glen Waverley too. I must try it! I've heard the mango desserts are great.

  3. that looks soooooo gooooooood!!!!! I love Green Tea ice cream!!

  4. Oh yum!
    I got a taste for green tea and red beans in Japan, this looks fantastic. Will have to keep an eye out for Dessert Story.

  5. HIgh five. my favourite combo is green tea ice cream with red bean too. they are to.die.for.

  6. You are not. I only found out last night! Lol

  7. There's a Dessert Story opening at Westfield?!?! Ah, where was I when this was announced to all the asians? :S


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