Monday, June 25, 2012

The day that Chanel Chadstone almost ruined

You know how you DINKs have date nights every like I dunno every week? Well Mick and I have date days. The days we drop the kids off and run off to do whatever the heck we want. We eat in peace without being yelled and somehow ended up deciding to go to Mecca, I mean Chadstone as I wanted to go to Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton.

I was wearing these "jeans that look like jeggings" not with the flip flops but in hot pink sneakers and my old Miu Miu. I was telling Mick this is the store that Mum and I got distracted and the security staff had to tell me that my son had run away from us! I was greeted nicely by the security staff, they do have the best security people though. Then I got the disgruntled sales person. You know those ones? Yeah.. Superstar Chris style. I got the Hello and assessment up and down. From my head to my toe paired with a lovely look of distaste for my existence in this store. Maybe she moonlights as fashion police and my jeans were bordering on jeggings and I was wearing the equivalent of leggings as pants. She stared at my faded old Miu Miu and stared at me. I was judged.. I was not fashion forward or could not afford anything here.

I drag my jeggings self to the ready to wear section, there is a lovely pair of I think 10cm high and looked like it had a hidden platform, lambskin off white heels with silver CC toe. Oh.. they feel lovely. No price marking on the shoe. So I pointed to the pair that were on display at the door facing Louis Vuitton. "How much is that ..." I got barked at, "$970!!!!" I guess that is my cue to leave as fashion police clearly did not think that I even had $1000 on my credit card. Shoes in question are in the style of below picture.

Chanel Pumps screen grabbed from

I don't think I have ever been treated like this before in any store. I partly wished that my aggressive mother was with me, she would say this to her in her Singaporean Chinese accent. "Why are you so rude ah? Sick of your attitude." Twitter thinks that I should have my Pretty Women moment, you know I have white patent thigh high boots on hand right? I walked out fuming and really really angry, it really upset me and I had such a great day (except for Bunnings which smells like fertiliser) before this. But after I had a nice lunch at Capital Kitchen - I mean Pram City, and after I wrote my therapeutic angry rant letter, I decided not to publish that one. As you know at Pork Chop's Nest we are on Project Positivity (HAHHA!) and I do not want negativity floating around here.

So I am writing this as a social service on behalf of all Chanel Chadstone staff. If you want to enter their store, do not drag in some old Miu Miu bag. I guess I should have known better. Also Chanel staff eyes are delicate and do not want to see you in tight jeggings masquerading as jeans.

I guess it does get tiring working in a shop and getting paid less than half of a handbag each month, but still don't take your aggression out on customers.

PS. Miu Miu has the cutest ever new style bow bags. Did I say ever? You need to go look at their new designs!


  1. Oh how rude of that staff! That's why I never step into Chanel. Hate being scrutinised plus, hello....not like she owned the store! Has she forgotten that without customers there will be no sales and hence no job for her?!

  2. I get that in every luxury branded shop lol doesn't help that im always wearing chucks and daggy clothes.

  3. I'd love to see those Chanel peeps grovelling over you!!! Funnily enough I got really lovely service at the DJ's Chanel makeup counter yesterday. The lip gloss shade I was after wasn't in stock so the S/A kindly offered to "ring next door" i.e. Myer to see if they had the gloss in their store - Yes they did! The DJ S/A got my name and sent me right there where the Myer Chanel S/A was waiting with the gloss ready on the counter. Oh well a $49 lip gloss doesn't discriminate as much as a $970 pair of shoes. That Chanel boutique S/A should be ashamed nonetheless. It also gives me visions of the snootiness portrayed in 'The Devil Wears Prada' (or is that 'Chanel'???)...

  4. Darn I was hoping to see ur letter :D

  5. I hope the new Chanel store that opens in Perth won't have such snooty staff. Most of us are in our mining PPE anyway but how can they turn the cashed up bogans away?

  6. SA's like that ruin retail for the rest of us as it drives people to online shopping which is THE WORST for our industry.

    what a jerk - i'd call head office and complain - dont' let her get away with it and don't let it tar your opinion of lovely SA's!!! :)


  7. Next time, go back wearing tracksuit pants and buy the damn shoes. Casually mentioning you need a pair to wear to a garden party than can get ruined and are practicaly disposable.

    I hate the looks you (well I) feel like I'm getting rushing through the cosmetics departments of DJs and Myer. Just because I choose not to paint my face every day does not mean I can't afford to buy more.

  8. Oh no, how awful! I once went into Chanel at Chadstone to buy a nail polish but the staff were uninterested and just ignored me so I decided not to buy the nail polish and left. I was a little excited about making a purchase there, but they totally ruined it. What's going on Chadstone?

  9. How totally rude! I think you should do a Pretty Woman, and go in there dripping in all things designer and when they bend over backwards to try and help you, just tell them their stuff is too cheap and nasty for your needs! Haha.

  10. How Rude! I don't buy Chanel bags, but this might be just the reason why I will never own one, if they are going to be so rude to those of us who actually save up our disposable income to buy their products.

    Also the reason why I prefer LV. Their staff in Sydney are always just so helpful and friendly.

  11. so THIS was what you were tweeting about but I only got snippets of it. Rude biatches! Better to buy overseas anyway *sniffs

  12. What?! That is absolutely ridiculous. I'm so sorry that you were treated so rudely.

    I've always thought that it would be an interesting social experiment to dress up (down?!) in tracksuit pants and stroll through a few designer stores, and observe their reactions!

  13. Thanks everyone for your comments on this. I really felt very upset especially on my day off.... thank goodness the food at Capital Kitchen was good - maybe I was also hungry. :P

    They have called me back, I will report back in detail.


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