Sunday, June 17, 2012

Muffins, Sick Boys, Target, Myer this is too much!

Bahhhh another sick weekend. We dragged the kids out to Myer so that we could get a TV. You have no idea ... we must be the only people left with a fat bum TV. The thing just would not DIE! And in my head I was thinking omg my boys will be the ones asking, "Mum why is our TV so fat?" So we finally decided on a model and I managed to cash out points for vouchers. Unashamed to say that I had accumulated enough and more to pay for it and I still had some remaining.

Oh hai, we turn back to Mum Mum
This is where the boys play if we are ever at Doncaster. The big round sculptures with mosaic tiles are their favourite. They crawl around and catch each other around. It's like some sort of sport or something, I don't know!

Target wall of Cushies
We left in a big hurry as the boys had enough and were screaming their heads off after lunch. It was so hot or something, Pickle's cheeks turned bright red and I thought they would get worse. And then they kept whinging all day. So I had to take D out to Greensborough - I really wanted to look at clothes. But I got yelled at. MUM I WANT TO GO TO THE LIFT continuously. My reply was. ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL TELL DADDY YOU ARE NEVER COMING OUT WITH ME AGAIN. He would apologise. Actually he said sorry before I got to tell Daddy. No size 8 for a top that I wanted - devastated! I always come here to look at the back wall of cushies. How cool is this wall?
I checked out Essence briefly but I think D had enough by now. It looks like they are gearing up for a toy sale. My reaction of course was to run out the door very quickly. He remembers the shopping mall so of course I had to buy him a cupcake and sit down and eat it with him. Made him feel better though. :) He tried to pick some bracelets for me at Lovisa but I saw nothing that I liked. This physical shopping trip has been futile so far!

This morning the boys got up at 4.30am. Yes 4.30am... Mick is a hero. As usual, I went back to sleep and he had to stay up with the boys. I don't know what happened, maybe the coughing and the cold is getting to them. I crawled out of bed at 8.15am and wanted to die from embarrassment.

It was muffin baking time. I had not done these Bill Granger Triple Berry Muffins in like forever! Seriously I used to do them all the time. D had the biggest grin and he was so happy. He is now able to drag the stool everywhere and crawl up and stand on it by himself. Remind me to watch out when I have something on the stovetop. It is very concerning he can do this now!

Berry Chocolate Muffins

I don't know what it is about this mixture. It is always the most disgusting to handle and dry and awful mix. You practically cannot spoon it into the cups. You have like flake it off the spoon. But it always turns out amazing! I think it is the frozen berries that freezes the mixture. I still had the monster eggs from Green Eggs - so I used one when the recipe said two. They are seriously freaking me out.

120g butter
Creamed with scant 3/4 cup caster sugar (Bill says 1 cup, I say no)
2 eggs
170ml Sour cream (just guesstimate)
Beat this wet ingredients
Shift in 1 2/3 cup SR flour plus 1 1/4tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
Frozen berries
White choc - roughly chopped.

As these are muffins you cannot over mix. What I normally do is partially mix in the flour. Chuck the berries and chocolate in and mix roughly. Some parts will still be dry but do not over mix!!

Spoon, well scrape the dry looking mix into the cases. Warning: At this point you will think Ling is out of her mind. But they work.. trust me .. mmmm famous last words.

Bake at 180 degrees.. Bill says 25mins but my oven never needs this long for some reason. Guesstimate this please.. I do a quick check about 15-20mins. This ones I took out in 16minutes and left them in the tray and they were perfect. My oven was not on fan forced. I have no idea why I never ever need as long for my cakes.


  1. wow 4.30! that's early!!! muffins look good!

    1. Damn unusual and upsetting to everyone.. Especially me who was cough.. in bed. And I felt such guilt. Anyway, father of the year award again.
      Muffins were good but you would never guess if you saw the mixture.

  2. The muffins look delicious!
    I hate finding an item of clothing that I love and then it isn't available in my size - so frustrating...

    1. You need to try these muffins!!! Trust me!

      I now gotta search all these other Targets :(

  3. The boys are so damn cute!

    Love that wall of cushions in Target. I am dying to hurry up and move into a new house so that I can start going nuts with all the homewares!

    Mmm... and muffins. YUM

    1. Did you see the pic of Pickles in the dino hoodie? I don't know where the monkey one went.. Too many bags and too much laundry!

  4. Just reading your post has exhausted me. I think I need a nap.

    1. Honestly, you should see our weekday runs. :( It is exhausting and we are all sick now. Sad cat.


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