Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another hectic weekend.. new friends, gozleme again and noodles

Gosh.. another hectic weekend... Miss Directions you might want to have a nap like right now.

I feel so tired now that I cannot move my shoulders. My boys must be getting too heavy for me to carry them, that's the only thing that I can explain this. That or I have been running everywhere the entire weekend.

Oh hai I has monkey ears!
Took D out to Hays Paddock - btw can someone like gimme a million dollahhhh house on that street. kthxbai. It was cold, wet and cold. Did I say COLD? He told me in the car that it is not too cold for playground when I asked if it was too cold for playgrounds. He has his hoodie and hat. Such a good boy, he did not take off his hat at all. But it was wet and we could not use any of the slides. Plus that black hole of death slide is not D's thing. He wouldn't go in that one.

Geez I don't even know how to start this post about my weekend. I had taken D out to go look at a Chinese school open day. He wanted to eat out - he is my child after all. I told him that we have to take food back for Daddy and Pickles. He said no, I want to eat here, I want cake. So I had to drag him to the cake shop while our dumplings and noodles were cooking. Coincidentally it is next to a ClubX store. HAHAHHA!!! D copped an eyeful of nurses costumes. Anyway, I bought him a plain cake, it looked like a butter cake but they call it cheesecake. Ah.. well Box Hill what do you expect? Typical D, he only wants to have the cake, he doesn't want to eat it!! So I had to pack that home. I got dumplings noodle soup, boiled dumplings and some wanton style dumplings in soup. I blame the weather .. i just wanted soup everything.

I wait for noodles, I eat here
So D pulled up his chair and sits there. He tells me he wants a spoon. I asked what for? He said he needed it to eat. I got him a spoon and the sweetheart asked me where was my spoon and if I was going to use my fingers to eat. <3 him. He got very upset that we went home and did not eat our food there.

We had to go to the farmers' market today as I had ordered some beef to pick up. Honestly you need to get into farmers markets. This is where it is at! The best Pork Apple & Sultana sausages ever was bought at Manningham market from Happy Valley Free Range. It was so good, I emailed Rotary Club who organises this market for the supplier's name. I picked up a bag of bacon bones and some cheese kransky. I had to grab Pickle's hands off the plate of samples as he was ready to steal the entire plate. He had a tight hold on them!

Mmm Nommy Pork
I got spices from Spice Fusion before, I cannot even tell you how I stumbled on the site! But the Afghan rub has been an essential in this house since then. Butterflied lamb shoulder, Afghan rub, some lemon. Charcoal BBQ and 40 mins later. OMG! I am so glad that she is now doing the market circuit! I can save on shipping. LOL kidding...

Then I had to leave the boys and go to Doncaster on my own as I was meeting up with ladies from Twitter/Blogging. Ling from Best Beauty Blog and Vita from Making up 4 my age Yay!! I has new friends! Vita and I live in the next suburb to each other and funny enough, I had volunteered to pick her up if required. We had lunch at Groove Train and our next meet we had agreed to go to the nail polish wholesale place in Braybrook! 

So after our lunch, where else do you go but Daiso? I got a pair of training chopsticks and some weird bubble blowing toy thing which Mick tells me is toxic glue and not to let the boys eat it. Ok then... i did not want to tell him we used to put this near our mouths and purse the bubbles together - don't ask ok.
This thing stinks like it used to back when I was a child. 

Bubble stinky toxic thing
Bear training chopsticks

So I did all that.. plus shop for some groceries. Came home and cooked soup for the boys as well. Ok everyone can rest now... Masterchef is featuring dude food. I love dude food. Deep fry everything!


  1. OMG I remember those bubbles thing and yes they stink like hell!

    Thanks for the recs on Spice Fusion, will check them out.

    1. Like toxic stink right? HAHAHAHHA I thought the Jap version would smell better. Nope my goodness!

  2. Wholesale nail polish place? Braybrook? Where?!? What nail polish?? Legit??

    1. Absolutely LEGIT. Opi $11/12, China Glaze is $8 I think..
      I'll tweet ya the address girl! Have I not told you earlier? Or was it Kramos I told?

  3. Haha Love that first pic. He seems to have an expression that says, what the hell are you doing mum? Are you done yet?

    So cute!

  4. Ah, Hays Paddock! One of the great playgrounds - on a nice day!! I remember going there with the other mums and our toddlers a few years ago :) I'm looking forward to our Braybrook adventure and I hope I don't lose control around all that discounted polish!!! xo

  5. HA!
    We used to do the same thing with those bubbles... now I want some to play with.
    Pointless fun but fun none the less.



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