Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The CLAW: Hello Darling Just a Touch of Frosting

CLAW: Just a little Frosting
I am in love with this colour.. This was taken in the night so I had to turn my lights on. It is not glitter but my goodness it is shiny!! And honestly I think this is comparable to Gem Crush except it is smooth. I think Gem Crush is a glitter shade. It is a gorgeous shade of purple and not in your face. But seriously loving it!

Claw out in the wintery garden
This is a new plant that Mick has planted. I think the purple flowers compliments this shade. LOL! It was really cold today and there was no sunlight. Unfortunately this does not do justice to the colour.

Edited: Adding this pic as the first was a little blurry


  1. I love that colour! I need to get me some of that asap!

  2. It looks really glittery but it is not glitter. It feels smooth! That outside pic does not do justice to it!

  3. What an amazing colour! I can't believe it's not glittery - it's so SHINY!


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