Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Score: The story of the Pumpkin

I went across the road to the shoe repair shop with my work BFF once afternoon. You know when you just really want to leave your desk? Yeah that...

She was collecting 3 pairs of shoes and I stood there staring at the walls of shoes they had fixed in awe that they even had a system of knowing which shoe belongs to who.

The owner was packing her shoes when he asked her if she ate pumpkins. She laughed and said no thanks. He asked me and lifted a big mama pumpkin to show me. I laughed hysterically and he told me to go behind the counter and look at the veggies that his friend who is a farmer gave him.
I asked him for the little pumpkin and he packed it in a bag for me.

So I showed D this little pumpkin and he was laughing hysterically. I thought we would do a jack o' lantern or something.

I has pumpkin
So a week later, Mick cut it up and roasted it. It was so bitter and weird I had to spit it out! ICK!!! Horrid!! The pumpkin died a horrid death. LOL!


  1. Hahaha

    We also scored from freebie pumpkin from my mum who visited her friend's farm. Thankfully they were super delicious.

  2. I wasn't expecting the story to end like that lol! I'm getting some organic eggs delivered fresh from a farm next week, hopefully it won't end up tasting off.

    The Wittner Jagged heels are true to size. How can you um and ah over snake leather!? It's classier than leopard imo hahahah.

    1. I definitely didn't expect it to end that way too :(

      I can do Snake skin.. ahhaah Leopard is like so hawt right now HAHHA.

  3. Replies
    1. Lord knows what happened to the poor pumpkin!? Mick said it was because it was overripe. Mate.. that pumpkin was more bitter than a bitter gourd.

  4. Lol. You seem to be scoring a lot of free stuff lately :-) shame it wasn't nice though.

    1. I think the universe is giving it back to me with my tightar$eness to myself and generousity to others. HAHAHHA


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