Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I love Aldi: Satay Beef & Rice Review

This is what Aldi says it looks like
You have no idea how much I wanted to love this. It was Satay, it was beef and rice. Hello.. what more does a Singaporean Chinese need?

I was SO HUNGRY and so busy, I peeled the box open stabbed the film and waited for the 6minutes. It beeped and I got excited... until I peeled it open and saw this.

This is what it looks like

I thought I would cry.. Aldi.. where the beef at? It was teeny strips. The Beef Strog that I first got (but did not review was the best I think) had hunks of beef. This was sad cat. There was onion things swimming in the sauce. I tried to push the sauce over the rice fishing for beef. :(

Anyway, the rice is actually a good one to have in a frozen meal. It actually works quite well. The sauce was a little runny but I think this is the Aussie way - more sauce than rice. Whereas us chinks is rice central. We don't do rice swimming in sauce.

Price: Tick - I think they are flat price of $3.99
Appearance: No Tick :(
Taste: Half tick, rice was decent-ish except the sauce was runny and sweet. There was big onion rings in there which was weird. There are peanut bits in this, obviously if you are allergic to peanut you would not choose satay but just sayin'. Where's the beef y'all? Bigger chunks please.
Will buy again Factor: Probs not .... there were better ones. I did eat it all though. 

P.S: This is not a paid post. I had shelled out $4 for my own meal.


  1. Aldi...where the beef at? Sorry, had to giggle. But seriously, the presentation on this one is lacklustre.
    I love that you review these, not every blog has to yab on about Michelin stars! Plus I am actually much more likely to have the opportunity (read: lack of time and energy) to eat this than a fancy meal!

    1. OMG i wished it was Michelin stars. LOL I'm more likely to review dodgy r'us from the block dumplings. AHHAHAH but i love my dumplings.

  2. Urgh. Nothing is more disappointing than an onion infested meal. I once wrote a complaint to a shop downstairs in my building for serving me cold creamy slop infested with onions and trying to pass it off as "creamy vegetable pasta"... get stuffed! I wrote the letter, gave it to mgmt and a couple months later they shut up shop. I felt bad LOL.

    1. I am sure that it was not your fault they shut down! hahah But omg onion infested cold creamy slop sounds disgusting. I bet the pasta was overcooked too!

  3. Boo Aldi! Boo for meal disappointment!!

    1. I felt cheated... then sad. LOL it was like sauce central!


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