Monday, June 4, 2012

Mega scary Jumbo Eggs, St Kilda Market and Beef Casserole

Kicking leaves

My ornamental pear tree has been shedding leaves everywhere. Mick would rake it into a pile and the boys would stand, jump into it and kick it around. I stood there laughing and taking pictures. D said that he was stuck when I showed him the pictures later.. Oh no Picks is stuck Mum Mum!

Jumbo eggs are jumbo

We went to St Kilda market on Saturday to pick up pastry from Paterson's Pastry and sliced ham and a giant pork chop rib from Greenvale Meats. YUM YUM.... Check these jumbo eggs from Green Eggs. Thou shalt not be greedy and purchase jumbo eggs in future. I could not even close the carton. Check these out!

Football at St Kilda

We had about 15minutes left on our carpark ticket and we stood at the oval and watched a bit of football. Well.. the boys did, I just stood there!

I do cook ya know!

You know what.. with all the freezer convenience meals I had been reviewing lately. I feel obligated to post evidence that I actually do cook. I really do cook for the boys - just for myself - it's a let's squeeze as much I can do as possible at lunchtime. Anyway, I made the BEST beef casserole ever on Sunday. It was stay at home and laze about day because Mick was at an adventure race. The boys played with their trains, I had Cars the movie on repeat or something. Everytime I tried to change the channel I got yelled at and handed the remote to put it back to Cars. They would watch for 2 minutes and go back to their trains. By 3pm, I thought the boys would be leading a revolution against me from boredom. But they were happy. Except every noise that D heard, he thought it was his Dad coming home. Sad face when I had to tell him it was not him. The beef casserole was so rich and yummy, I really believe it was the faux Le Creuset from Aldi that I used for the first time to cook this. I have not done casserole in so long as we had fallen out of the cycle of going to the markets. I had a great time hugging and snuggling both boys to be honest and just between you and me. I spent the day in PJ bottoms. Loved it. :)

Leaving you with the sunset view yesterday.. it was orangey red.


  1. lol the first pic is too cute. I actually like frozen meals, I buy them whenever they are on sale at safeway.

  2. Replies
    1. Scary big!!! It's like.. What on earth!

  3. What? No ready meal review today?! Disappointed :P

    Love that big egg! I'd make a mega scramble with it.

    Casseroles are the best in winter!!!

    1. Yeah have really missed it plus I only cook beef casserole when I get the meat from the farmers market. Fell out of the market cycle. So glad!


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