Monday, June 11, 2012

Long weekend: Cold, Baking, Cooking, Sick boys and work!

This whole weekend was depressing.. the boys were sick. They started getting sick in the late afternoon on Saturday. After we had yum chat at Wealth Garden they were a little tired and said they wanted to go home. So we went home and rested. D helped Mick bake lemonade scones... Seriously if you have not tried this. Do it! Cream, lemonade, sugar, flour.. Mix.. no rubbing the butter in. I really hate doing that.  Ta daaaa... scones!! So yummy.

We has scones!
I have to confess that I had something on my mind regarding work on Sunday so I was rather upset already. Then the boys were really sick and we could not go anywhere. We had breakfast at Lip Cafe in Ivanhoe off the beaten track of Waterdale Road. Dukkah on poached eggs anyone? Shame about the potato rosti, it wasn't crispy and a little too thick. I did not like the texture. Great service though and we were not 'neglected' even though we were sitting in the rear. 

Lip Cafe Sourdough Toast
After breakfast, we were "stuck" at home. So I became a crazy woman.. and when I go crazy upset about something. I bake and cook like a Betty Crocker. I am convinced this is why women in the 1950s' did so much around the house. They were frustrated! 

I didn't know what I want to bake, but I just wanted to bake. And I am not sure how I googled and suddenly remembered Gingerbread cake. I made this when I was in high school! I remember the taste and it was yummy. It has been more than 10 years and I still remember the taste. I vaguely remembered the ingredients and I found a recipe that was similar! OMG it was so MOIST and so yummy.

Zomg gingerbread cake
And then I proceeded to set up my lasagna. Check this out!! Assembling starts, sauce, white sauce, dried pasta! I only use Barilla and this is the best. No I will not make my own pasta.. it involves dough and I have to confess that I do not do dough or pastry very well.
Assembling starts!
And ta da... my dinner!!! And my lunch for today! Seriously people, whack an apron on me and call me Betty Crocker!

Oh hello.. eat me

So I swapped my public holiday to work today as I have global deadlines this week. And anyway... the boys went out to Masters which is like the most giant hardware store ever. I think this is what Walmart looks like! Anyway, D said that he wanted to come home as he was not feeling well. But he saw Northlands and he said, Daddy that market! So they stopped and had a hot chocolate. D doesn't like hot chocolate so he only had a little taste. But Pickles is my sweet tooth boy. :)

Little Picks has hot chocolate
The poor boys had already gone to bed at 6pm.. Well except Pickles, he protested and now is awake and being incredibly cute. Now I am feeling a tad guilty for not spending today with them. So I had a bit of a snuggle with D in the evening. He was lying on my lap and resting before asking to go to bed.

End of a long weekend!
Leaving you with a pic of sunset.. But now let me go tickle the Pickle!


  1. Awwwwww how cute is Pickles with his hot chocolate!! My weekend was quiet too, slept a lot, family, Breaking Bad season 1, sleep, weeping at unattainable real estate, Masterchef, now waiting for Mad Men finale! Hey do u think Peggy will come back?

    1. OMG i am so hoping that Peggy will come back like right now!!

  2. Well done with all your baking - definitely going to try those lemonade scones. I need something to get me back into the baking game after my failures lately!

    1. Lemonade scones is foul proof seriously.. I don't like pastry!

  3. Hope your boys are much better now?! Man your lasagna and gingerbread cake looks absolutely delish! (leers at my Cup A Soup lunch in disgust) lol...
    Pardon my ignorance but does the lemonade make the scones really sweet?

    1. Someone else on twitter asked me that.. I said reduce the sugar if it is a problem but definitely did not taste super sweet - I don't have a sweet tooth so it would turn me right off if it was sweet.

    2. Ah thanks for that! Don't normally check Twitter daily, FB, Instagram and reading blogs keeps me busy enough lol...


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