Saturday, February 25, 2012

Multitasking Instant Cooking

Ya know what, I am eating this as brunch/breakfast. Unashamed asian.. LOL.
But seriously I picked up what I thought was a carton of Indomie from Costco. It was not Indomie. It was lord knows what brand. I have not had Indomie since circa 2000 when I first came over as a Uni student. Those days of Uni share housing and cartons of Indomie lasted about 5months. I moved out and upgraded to Korean ones!

So I thought, oh well why not? It has been more than 10 years. I had forgotten that instant noodle cooking involved multitasking. There are HOW MANY PACKETS to cut up and mix up? Times that by the two packets that I normally need - don't judge I have an appetite. So there it is.. one packet of oil and kecap manis. One packet of bumbu powder and chilli powder. ADD deep fried onions into the equation. PLUS a fried egg on top. You need fried egg on top people.

Lucky I had enlisted D to help me with the packet cutting. So frantic packet cutting, noodle in hot water tossing. Drain, mix with the sauce. Cut your powder and toss it. Deep fried onions on top. While frantically cutting powder sachet, heat oil for your fried egg. Flip the egg, toss egg on top.. sweating..

D was yelling I WANT MINEEEE... Grab another bowl. Dish out his share. Cut his noodles, chuck spoon into his bowl. Fall into couch... have another seagull child stalk you for food. Split egg to pieces and start shovelling egg into his mouth. Feed yourself... So there. Multi-tasking.


  1. Big laughs at seagull child hahaa yum! I'm mid a bottle of red right now so I'd go nuts on This haha.

  2. Cursed with two seagull children of my own. Nice one Ling :D


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