Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vogue Forum Melbourne Bloggers Meet

This post is late! The vogue forum Melbourne bloggers meet was last Saturday. Check out our hot legs!

Quite frankly I thought that I was going to be murdered by them when we had dirty hands, naughty hands, walk walk walk and bend roll up introductions to the casual class. I mean really?! I thought to myself perhaps next time I should clam up when they are after suggestions for activities. It was like we were auditioning as extras for Illegal Blonde – Bend and Snap.

Honestly shocked that I now have the knees of an 80year old. When bending, I can no longer roll up.

Thanks to kerker for the picture!


  1. sexy legs Ling!! my thighs looks big..atleast it looks kinda toned lol

  2. Legs 11 girls! Love it, sounds like a great time!

  3. Haha! It was so much fun, but man, I made a fool out of myself. So glad I chose the pole at the back of the room because I gave up towards the end of that dance routine! Except then all the people for the next class started watching and I was right in front of them, awkwardly trying to spin my way around the pole!

    Must all catch up again soon! x

  4. Bend and Snap! I hadn't made the connection with that...not that I could ever bend and snap properly either lol


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