Thursday, February 9, 2012

Outfit Post: All black!

Very rarely am I wearing something that is not pink. :) So I had to run and take a picture to prove it!

I am wearing my black Ralph Lauren shirt dress with gold zips and the belt is tied in a double knot instead of looping it through the gold loop thingees. The one that I snatched up for about USD $50 or thereabouts. By the way if you are ever shopping from the website, always google for discount codes. You can definitely get 10% off your entire order including sale items!
I have the sleeves rolled up and cuffed as you can see. Also shoved one claw into the pocket just because I can and I never know what to do with that other dangling non-picture taking hand!

So there you go.. hiding in toilets and taking pictures for you!


Oh hey stalkers.. leave a message so I know you've been stalking.

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