Friday, February 3, 2012

Caramel Slice Reconfigured

It is done you guys! I have reconfigured the caramel slice and got one that worked for me!

Remember my first attempt at caramel slice? It was so hard that a Chinese cleaver had to be enlisted to chop the bugger up! Even then it left marks on my hands where I had to press down to karate chop it!

Some more droolllliciousss worthy pictures for you. .... As well as pics of finger prints on the chocolate. AHhaah it was claw-able. Again I failed at lining the tin. It was a pathetic attempt and seriously I need help in this! I enlisted clothes pegs to pin them down!

What I did differently from before.

Baked the biscuit crumb for only a short time of about 5minutes. It could probably do with a teensy bit longer as it was still very pale. But it beats being too hard and Angry Birds flinging worthy. I also cooked the caramel layer very briefly on the stovetop. I basically mixed all the ingredients together when the butter and sugar melted. After pouring into the tin, they went into the oven for about 8minutes. It was slightly golden but not that brown as before.

Melt your chocolate (I used dark chocolate from Aldi - Winning $ wise) with butter, pour on top. Wait patiently while it sets and inhaled it.


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