Thursday, March 1, 2012

Balmy Singapore plus Key Club Launch Event

Oh hai everyone I am in balmy Singapore. It is exhausting!!! Boys are out of routine and getting up at 4.30 in the morning. :O Well let's unleash the claw out in Singapore a bit later. I hope to get CLAW blog post. Seems like Claw has her own fan base.

Before I left Melbourne, the lovely Sarah from Silverleaf PR sent me an invite to the Key Club Launch. My first thought was - oh wait is she sure that she sent the invite to the right person? So my friend and I trooped up the road from our office in our dresses and heels. I wore my pink Manolo Blahniks and Armani Exchange dress. No duck lips or trout pout lips sorry, there was a mandatory mirror pic that I conned my friend into getting in. She is horrified!

It was a fantastic night people watching and I am now determined to buy a bodycon dress. This Mama still gots it ya know. :) Damien Bodie (ex-Neighbours and Winners and Losers) insisted that we take a picture together. It was like we were best buddies. We had a chat with Mat Beyer (Masterchef) who is @cookingwithgoths on Twitter and his friend Joel from . The funny thing is, we started following each other before he went on the show. When I was watching MC, I thought hey this guy reminds me of @cookingwithgoths on Twitter. DUH!

Here is Damien and Lee (MKR) just chilling as you can imagine in the big gold seats. I am upset that I did not give these seats a whirl. We had parked ourselves in the corner seats next to the DJ booth at the front room and told the waiter with the food to keep 'em coming.

Ok seriously... does everyone wanna pat the velour cowboy suit or is it just me? I am assuming it was velour! Champagne all around that night and the food is amazing! You need to try the duck! I left right when the music had stopped and stumbled out. Attended and presented at an Executive meeting that was an all day event the next day. I felt like one of the boys!

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  1. Looked like a great night out!
    Wish I was there - what a gorgeous looking venue


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