Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skinny Jeans have become Jeggings

Ok everyone knows that in fashion years. I am still stuck in 2006 right?

I bought this pair of skinny jeans before I embarked on OperationEat. OperationEat was because I had lost too much weight after having the two boys. Do not ask, just accept it and do not judge. So I am starting to think that these jeans are not jeans anymore. They are jeggings.

Halp me people. Are these jeggings or still socially acceptable?

PS ignore the Havianas as well. I was in the front yard!


  1. hahaha.. Yes they are! You have the legs to wear them! :)

  2. I knew it!! I knew it was Jeggings.
    Ok seriously need new jeans now.

  3. I always thought if they have pockets, then they're jeans. :)
    This might help:

  4. They look socially acceptable on you :)

  5. Who knows what they are, but you have hot legs so I would wear the heck out of them if I were you!


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