Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DVF for Gap Kids coming to Australia

When I was pregnant with Pickles, I thought I would be having a girl - as you would - and then my 'life was complete'. One boy and one girl.. "oarsome" I thought.
At the ultrasound we found out he was a boy. I became a pregnancy hormonal crazy lady or rather more so than normal. I held onto Ralph Lauren baby girls' clothing and cried in David Jones. True story there by the way.

Every month of so, someone will tell me that I should have another child. My response is to tell the person to wash their mouth out with soap. So no, I will never have a girl or have the desire to have another baby. There are very few moments when I go awww I wished that I had a girl. And it is usually when I see clothing that is simply adorable and gorgeous for little baby girls. Then this landed in my inbox. DVF for GapKids.. YES! Are you kidding me, I am so there. Scroll quickly and I see that it is only for girls. Once again my money is safe. But you know if I had a girl. I would so totally make her wear this dress. Maybe not the tights.

The below look is my favourite. I think it is because I would wear that jacket. LOL! Check out that jacket! WANT... And the shorts!!

The collection is available from 15th of March. I foresee women grabbing them off the rack like Stella for Target. So for those readers with daughters, I just want to let you know that having boys is really good for my wallet :)


  1. omg those people. I will help you wash their mouths!

    I wonder if i can fit in the gaps kids clothing haha :P

    1. I know!! Horriddddd... I think you can! Brave the crowds!!

  2. Now that you mention it, I probably want to have boys one day, too :D

    I gave you an award on my blog. Click here for info :)

  3. I would wear the shit out of those shorts.

    Popular you, I have also awarded you with a little something on my blog!

    1. OMG ok I will post one. I need to get organised - never happens. I would wear those shorts too!


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