Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Shop of Pretty Things - Issa in Ivanhoe

I met Helena many years ago since moving to our house. We used to run down to the pie shop that her mother owns on Burgundy Street hoping that we got there before it closed on a Saturday. The pie shop has since changed hands and so did Mad Meg's which was owned by Helena's brother. It has indeed been at least 4 years since I said that I will go to the shop. I am so bad! It is just that I do not to go Ivanhoe during times that the shop is open. I always drive past when it is closed and I can only see the shop window. And what a shop window it is! Well thankfully Issa has not changed hands and I finally made it in to have a browse while waiting for my sushi to be ready next door.

Issa is filled with pretty things, it is one of those shops that you describe as pretty little shop. You know the ones where you go in and you cannot not buy anything. She had porcelain rings with Love written on them. Sterling silver earrings, cute rose earrings, candles, bon bon soaps, cushions, room fragrance sticks, clothes, baby items, home wares.. well the list goes on. Helena told me her daughter and her decorated the front window and tries to change it often. Look at all the pretty Bison vases and home wares in the shopfront.

Exceptionally proud of D and L for not touching anything. I had bought a pair of rose earrings that were light pink in colour. When I went home, I realised it was too light for my skin tone. Mick suggested we take everyone down and get them exchanged for a darker colour. So I had warned D before going in that it is a little shop of things and he cannot touch anything. But he can smell if Mummy helps him hold things. Issa stocks Lovebird candles which are made in Melbourne. A fresh batch of candles were getting delivered and I held them up for D to smell. D thanked for the lady for her pretty candles .. such a little charmer. Candle lovers unite .. I have been buying way too many candles lately to replenish the old ones. But I just cannot leave without picking up one of these. I bought french pear, lime and coconut. She had an amazing melon scented one which I will have to get next time. I'm almost hoping that these candles burn a bit quicker so I can get some more!!! Trust me candle lovers, you need to get some of these!

I exchanged for these purple rose earrings and Mick bought me a pair of pretty tree shaped sterling silver ones. They were the first thing that caught my eye in the jewellery cabinet. Check out how my earrings were wrapped above! I am going back to get the Love porcelain rings next time.

Being in Issa is making me want to redecorate my house. Now just to get the boys to grow up quicker and get rid of the colourful plastic toys that are engulfing the dining room! I will have to make do with pretty earrings and messy house for now. The tree earrings are below.

Oh and outfit of the day - Stella McCartney for Target. I am glad that we had some sunny weather to put this on!

Issa Homeware and Gifts is at 149 Upper Heidelberg Road cnr Waterdale in Ivanhoe. There is parking at the back but just as easy to get a parking spot at Coles behind. If you do go there, drop into Cosi Duci for gelati afterwards!


  1. Awww those earrings are uber cute! I have a feeling I wouldn't be able to control myself if I stepped my foot into that store :D

  2. Nice purchases, I buy more candles than I can burn too.
    Mick suggesting to take the whole family down to exchange a pair of earrings for you is sweeeeet! I wouldn't LOL. I love the look of the stella dress but saw only light blues and pinks - which looked like pj's!

  3. Oh I have not bought earrings in ages Ms Jelena! They are such treats for me. You'll buy up heaps I guarantee it.

    Em really? You didn't see the dark blue ones? There were soooo many in my Target. It was either Greensborough or Doncaster. Yeah I said oh well I'll have to exchange it next week. He said let's just go now and take everyone too. Lucky I rang, she was about to close the shop. LOL


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