Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gahhh overloaded in Takeaway

There is such a thing as too much takeaway!
I am at that point this week and I cannot take it anymore. Don't you just hate slipping off the meal planning wagon and you end up with stuff but not enough stuff or there is no vague plan of what to cook?

Fails this week - did not do a big meal on the weekend to store for the boys. No soup, bolognese, bakes nothing. I was so desperate that I made some sort of rice bake thing which was weird. The boys loved it .. for the first day and then it was yucky. Yesterday Daniel asked me for a cheese sammich and I gave in. I usually do not give him an alternate meal for dinner so I explained it to him. I think he understood as he thought about it.

So I had laksa yesterday which is normally nommy. But the local Chinese place is no Laksa King. I am takeaway out this week. But I did thoroughly enjoyed that Bolton Street charcoal chicken I had on Monday and questioned why people would cook considering it was $13.50 for Pesto Avo and Chicken salad, perfect chips with perfect seasoning and yummy half a chicken.

I really don't know how other people cope with their dinners and working full time! Please be sharing your tricks and tips!

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