Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shorts weather

Oh wow it is shorts weather again.. and actually this feels like I am on a tropical island. Everything is growing in overdrive mode and Mick's business is so busy. Which is good but not good for us in other ways. Not only have I neglected my Christmas shopping, the shopping malls are a disaster no go zone! I had to take L out of the house to give Mick some peace. So had to hike to the local shopping mall - the not as ritzy one. I wore my Victoria Secret shorts and a top from Decjuba. Have not touched these shorts since my trip back home to Singapore at Easter.

Is it me? Or is Decjuba's tops really thin these days? I have not been in since earlier this year when I bought this waterfall top. But seriously, I made a remark that everything is unsuitable for work. I am not working in a club you guys. She responded that I should get a nude coloured singlet, one that they stock which had no seams. Ok thanks, but no thanks. ...

What do you think? Is Decjuba and generally all clothing shops stocking thin fabrics or am I just a prude?

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  1. I'm loving this short and skirts time of the year! Hm..I haven't shopped in Decjuba in a while hopefully they haven't gone all stingy and make their material THAT see through as im a fan of their clothing!

    Love your outfit!


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