Friday, December 16, 2011

The shopping before Payday excitement

I get paid monthly.. there I am putting it out there. Although it is not dire straits in my bank account stakes. There is always a psychological thing about shopping the day before payday.
The exciting part is December is when we get our increases. So I spent my sad increase this year on candles.

I had scoped out Glasshouse candles for ages, it must be when a friend commented on Glasshouse's Facebook page. I was in Peter Alexander on the weekend but got no service so no love there. Lucky for me, David Jones was having a sale last Wednesday. I am not sure if it was only for one day. They were having 15% off full priced candles. Helloooo.... The ladies that were restocking Glasshouse candles were uber helpful. So it felt good purchasing when I get good customer service.

I bought Little Black Dress - Manhattan and Bora Bora - Cilantro & Orange Zest. Cannot wait to light them tonight. It has been ages since I restocked my candles. Actually I think it has been one year! Insert shocked face emoticon here.

They were about $32 after the discount. I must say that I have spent more on less. So I am extremely happy with my purchase. My next stop is not anywhere near as exciting. It was to Mountain Designs to get a work shirt and pants for Mick. Here the guys just love me, I point and make decisions in 2 minutes all the while telling them. I don't know, that one will do and hey it's either blue or blue anyway. I did not get anyone from Mountain Designs trying to flirt with me today. Sadness. Lol

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  1. I love that Manhatten candle, I brought is as a gift for a friend and I really wanted to keep it! Not allowing myself to buy any more candles though until I use the three I already have!


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