Monday, December 12, 2011

Baking with American recipes

Does anyone else just goes crazy for American recipes?
I love love love this book Baked! New Frontiers in Baking. But I have to admit that I first knew of this book from watching Martha Stewart. Mick HATES Martha and I LOVE annoying him by watching the reruns on Channel 7Two. It's glorious! Anyway, Matt was demostrating Whoopie Pies which I only just discovered recently that it is not as ubiquitous in the US as I thought it was!

The thing about American baked goods is ... the size. Everything is written for big portions. I had to half the recipe. And honestly, what the heck is a stick of butter? I always have to google it and it is really annoying. Either Australian suppliers need to figure this out and bring out sticks of butter on the market or I will go bananas! I know our cup sizing is different, but I figured that if I am using the same cup for both dry and wet ingredients, it cannot go that wrong ... right?
Well it did not. So I made the American style chocolate chip cookies. aka... dump everything lovingly into the Kitchenaid, form balls, resist overcrowding balls, and bake for 8 minutes - not 14. I made these ones and kept the unused dough in the fridge and made the cookies to be consumed fresh. As these are American style, it's very soft and yum yummm... Ohhh and I added Macadamia nuts too. They might cringe at that!

I really want to try the cakes but I do not have 3 x 8inch cake tins. And no I really don't know if I want a 3 layer cake! Anyone has 3 x 8inch cake tins to lend me?


  1. HAHA, I had to google a stick of butter too, and there was something else as well.

    When making layered cakes, my mum bakes one slab and cuts it into three/four layers and they all look identical. I can't imagine being skilled enough to make them all look even remotely similar though :)

  2. Ok I am not that skilled to bake one cake and then cut that into 3 layers. OMG i will need a big high tin and extended cooking time. LOL It'll probably be burnt outside and raw in the middle.

  3. I lived in America for 16 months so got used to the 'stick of butter' measurement. Over there they sell butter in packs of 4 sticks, and each stick is 4oz, which equals 120g. 1oz = 30 grams, and 1 fluid oz = 30 mLs. - which makes it easier to remember because they're both 30, just one is volume and the other is weight. 

    I got to be quite a pro at converting imperial back to metric! I felt like it was what people who go to a foreign country and listen to another language and do a translate in their head back to their own language must experience!


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