Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Ham sorted!

I ordered my Christmas ham from Greenvale Homestead about two months ago by email. Amanda confirmed the half leg order last week just about the same time that I wanted to email her too! I have been following Amanda and Anthony from Greenvale on Twitter for awhile and I thought oh Christmas ham! I should look into this. Amanda had reserved it and said it was $25/kg, each half leg is between 3-4kg.

Off we trooped to St Kilda Veg Out market this morning. Now if anyone knows me, they will know that I hate Punt Road. I will do anything to avoid Punt Road. Everytime that I am on Punt Road I ask myself why I am on there and say I should have taken Power Street. This morning was one of those why am I on this road!!! 2 lanes were closed and we had one lane to get through! What! What!!

It took an hour to get to St Kilda Farmers Reserve and we practically ran out of the car to the market! It was an amazing market. There was Mt Alexander fruit which was the best cherries ever tasted. Even D ate it and he was not feeling very well today. Parking was easy and nothing like Collingwood Children's farm. I only wished that it was not so far!

We came home with our box and could not wait to open it to have a look. Check out the gorgeous ham! It really looks amazing!

On a side note, I notice that I do a lot of wheeling and dealing on Twitter these days!

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