Thursday, November 24, 2011

Piaget yummy ring

Stumbled on this ring on Twitter from the lovely @FeowFeow.

It is a Piaget ring with Citrine stone. How gorgeous is this! I have a bad weakness for cocktail rings. But as per usual, I love them and yet do not wear them. LOL

Story of my life. Drooling over ring.


  1. And now I've seen their beautiful rings and necklaces and am addicted to the sparkles too!

    Sigh. DROOL. Sigh again.. ;)

  2. Oh wow, it sure is a beauty!
    I'm scared to ask, but I will - how much?

  3. @dustyn I'm always addicted to sparkles.. more more more sparkles.

    @melinda I'm too scared to find out too! :)


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