Monday, August 6, 2012

Stalk my weekend: Dumprings galore

We made a trip to Preston Market this Saturday instead of going to Victoria Market. I was told that the seafood there is good as there are a lot of Greeks in the area. I want to dispute this as Victoria market is definitely superior... hands down.

Anyway, if you have ever been to Preston market, you will know that it is a car park fight.
First of all, let me tell you that I have been stuck waiting while someone in a big Kluger decides that they require 50 tries to get out of their carpark. Shut it down. You cannot drive a big car. Back to this, Mick managed to park on High Street - thank goodness. There is always disappointment when D sees a market but we have to leave as there is no parking. Try that in Doncaster? Yeah meltdown.

Best part of Preston market is this little Gozleme cart. If you see a sign that says dutch pancakes? Run away not to it. It was blah. Seriously line up for this one and get the beef gozleme. I usually stick to spinach and cheese because I always thought the mince looked dry at the farmers markets. OMG... the boys were grabbing this out of our hands.

BEST gozleme

Heidelberg West Ghetto Playground
The sun came out on Saturday - how nice was it? D said he liked the sun and we went to the playground on the way home so he could get a bit of a run around. He was coughing really badly and we had canned their swimming lesson and we thought he needed some outdoors to recover. For those who don't know, they call Heidelberg West a blimp in City of Banyule. It's ghetto, this playground has warning signs that there are flood lights and CCTV. It was like I was in the ghetto of London with their cameras. But this playground is usually packed on warm days, so I was glad that they managed to have a swing on this. I hopped on the flying fox too - i was a tad too heavy and was brushing the ground hahaha.

Shanghai Street Yummies
Have you tried Shanghai Street? No? Get yourself there! There is a tiny one opposite GPO on Elizabeth and Lt Bourke St. I used to go there and would have to wait 15minutes for takeaway. She told me that there is another one on La Trobe and Russell. You mean all this while I had been walking further than needed for dumpring lunches? What! This place is not open on Sundays. The ridiculous low prices for Shanghai Street and high prices for CBD parking meant I paid $25 for noodles and 2 types of dumprings yet paid $4 for 40mins of on street parking.

Wealth Garden Yummies
So much for cooking lunch on Sunday... I had the guilts as we had a fridge full of food but went out for dinner on Saturday. I kept yelling out YUM CHAAA in the car on Sunday. Sweet relief congee, more dumprings and more prawns. Happy cats.

I still have the sniffles but thank goodness D has stopped coughing on Sunday. I am over winter now thanks!


  1. Mmmm... dumprings!

    I went for lunch again at the Stolberg this weekend. I love it so much! Getting my fill in before it's time to move away at the end of the month.

  2. If I could marry a shop I would marry Shanghai Street "Dupling" House

    1. HAHHAHA don't you love the typo on their signage? Amazeballs.. do you notice they have very hot waitresses? One of them is Tina and L loves to hug her. Goodness.

    2. Is she the one with the giant false lashes??

    3. Yes! I haven't seen again. Maybe she stopped working Saturday evenings.

  3. OMG - I want those dumplings. Salivating now, luckily I'm on my way to the gym and away from temptation so I can earn my kilojoule deficit for dinner. I should never read your blog before dinnertime!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Preston Market for all its ethnicity. I don't get there often enough as I'm in Geelong, but whenever I do, I always come home with a dozen cannoli, although can't do this anymore LOL.


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