Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miracle relief required! And answered!

For a few weeks, I have been walking around with a red itchy dry patch on my cheek. I don't even remember how it started.. it just appeared. Not realising what it was at first, I thought oh yeah I need moisturiser. Mmmm let me layer on my Mario Badescu as that is thicker. Back and forth I tried Korres and MB, tried SKII .. nope .. maybe it was SKII that caused it? It would be stingy and hot when the heater was on so I started hating winter. I am normally ok with winter. We are not friends but we are civil.

So I thought ok this is not working, I ran out and bought rose hip oil. Surely this would work right? Nope, other than a greasy face as I was using it morning and night due to said dry patch. I think it was helping the other areas but it just sat and did not absorb well for me. Then something click when I was reading a forum thread that it might be eczema. DOH... why did I not realise earlier. At my worst last Wednesday, my work BFF asked what happened to my face. This either meant put a paperbag on Ling or oh dear you better get that looked at. I like to think it was the latter.

The lovely Rita-Marie read my cries - more like constant complaining - on Twitter and said she would send me the La Clinica sensitive skincare range. I thought they would be sample sizes and was really thankful that someone I had been chatting with on Twitter would offer this. The package arrived on Friday just past and it was this full sized pack! I was so excited to try this on. I had been using prescription eczema cream on my face as it was so bad for 2 days. And it reduced it but it was still red and looked sore. Lots of suggestions from the lovelies on Twitter to try Dermaid as well and I will get this next time. eta: I actually have tubes of this stuff lying at home!

Miracle yes indeed

Listen up.. this is a miracle relief oil. I used to be really red and in hindsight I should have realised it was irritated skin on other areas. After 3 uses of the cleaner, serum and balm my skin was so much calmer. It was soft and smooth, I could not stop touching my face. Mick noticed a difference too and told me to order the Mens kit for him. He wants to look after himself too he say ;) I ran into the office on Monday (note I had only used this over the weekend for about 3 days) to see work BFF and she said oh that is MUCH better and completely healed.

Oh hello SOOTHING!
Disclaimer: These products here were received for free but the results are real and the people are real. Dum dum..(like in Law & Order) :) no in all seriousness it did work for me and I am telling anyone that would listen to me for 5 minutes.


  1. Ooh, how nice that you got sent those!

    Glad you found a remedy.

    Love that Law & Order ending!

  2. I have one of these marks on my arm but it is slowly fading (today anyway, who knows about tomorrow) - will look into this! Glad you found some relief!

    1. I need to find the trigger for the eczema! But everywhere else is so soft now. I'm converted!

  3. Your skin looked amazing when I saw u on Monday.... u should have taken a 'before' photo!! Then we could do an infomercial :P


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