Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stalk my weekend: faux Fathers' Day, Beauty swap lunch, Brioche buns!

Oh my what a great weekend!

I bought these Bodum glasses as a Fathers' Day present .. along with steak knives recommended by Conor from Melbourne Myer store. Conor will give you a spill on cutlery like nobody else does. Look for him people! Level 5 in Melbourne Myer store! Because I am lousy at keeping secrets and well I really wanted to use these glasses. I declared it Happy Daddy Day and we gave this to Mick. How can you not want to use it immediately? So now I have to run around looking for something else for him.

Bodum Double Wall Glasses Pilatus
We had stopped going out for breakfast a lot now that we have the Nespresso machine. But honestly how good is bacon... bacon bacon bacon.. Bacon from the butcher at Bolton Street! Except... the avocado was forgotten!

Bacon and eggs, avo is missing!
Managed to do a quick run to get rice paper rolls and pies and get the boys to the playground for some exercise (for them, not me). This is East Ivanhoe and there was a group having a party nearby, I could not use the pole for my exercise. HAHHA

Issa Homewares Display
We took them to this new playground as it was close to Issa Homewares in Ivanhoe. I had to pick up a candle for a colleague as her birthday present. D decided that he was a cat and would bat a ball around on the ground. It was pretty cute! 

That's a cat on the floor
I met Ling from Best Beauty Blog, Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags and MakingupVita from makeup4myage in Box Hill for some dumplings and beauty & stuffs swapping. It was great catching up with the ladies! 

Random Beauty Swap haul
We went to Missha in Box Hill plaza later and got some MORE items. Ya know cos we really NEED more STUFF! I bought the ultra shiny lipstick because you know I don't have enough PINK lipsticks! But it was SO PRETTYYYY. 

Missha Lipstick Pink04
We are having burgers tonight and I wanted to make brioche buns. I first saw them on Twitter's Amycakes107 timeline. And I thought omgawd I want some sliders like now. I am very scared of anything to do with dough - I must say this to ad nauseam on this blog and please let me know to stop! But she assured me that it is really easy and I just had to dump it all into the Kitchenaid and use the dough hook. I am now a changed person. I will bake my own bread. Call me domestic goddess Ling. 

Brioche buns the lazy way
These are the brioche buns after the first resting. I do not think that it made it through successfully with the second rising but oh well, we baked them anyway.

Brioche Buns rising
These are the buns out of the oven! Ta daaaa!!!

Brioche buns baked
Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen instead of kneading by hand, let the yeast froth up (i used one sachet which is 7g I think) and throw it all into the mixer starting with the flour first. Start the machine and a ball will form around the dough hook. Transfer to another bowl and cling wrap this to let it rise. Mine did not rise much the second time when the rolls were formed. But it tasted really good anyway.Crunchy top from the egg wash, soft and doughy inside. I think these were great!


  1. The beauty swap idea sounds fab!

    I love the look of those brioche.

    SSG xxx

  2. OMG! Those buns look good! Ok, now I'm convinced to try them out myself. Checking out the recipe! And I had a lot of fun eating & catching up with you ladies, plus the beauty swap AND buying more makeup after that! Lol!

  3. Brioche buns, yummo!!! Did you have room to fit them in after lunch? ;) Yes of course we needed more stuff - I love beauty STUFF, haha!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love the look of those Bódum glasses and I don't blame you for not being able to wait, they're gorgeous!

    I also love that lipstick you picked up, it's stunning...I'm now trying to refrain from rushing out there to buy one (or two) as I'm on a self-imposed lipstick ban till I use up some of my older ones, sigh.

    Gotta say those Brioche buns looked amazing!

  5. YOU HAVE THE GLASSES THAT I WANT! Or similar. The ones I'm after are slightly more rounded. Liam won't let me buy them yet. He says that the amount is too much to spend on glasses, when we just bought a whole set at like... 60c each at IKEA. He does not understand that they are just not the same. Pfft, MEN!

    HAHA The boys... sorry, I mean, the cats... are so cute crawling around on the floor!

    Mmm... brioche. They look divine! I think I might have to action them when we're in the new house. JUST A COUPLE MORE DAYS!

  6. Nice buns, LOL...I'm giving that reipe a go based on appearance only!

  7. Love your random meet-up exchange gifts idea!! Wish I lived in Melbourne :(


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