Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Claw: Hello Darling Lola like it

Oh hello.... Lola like it and Lingy also likes it. A lifetime (or maybe two) ago, I used to drive a red Alfa. It was the most beautiful car ever if you could ignore the bad turn base and everything else. I went on this I have to find the perfect red nail polish. I don't think that I ever did or maybe I had forgotten. But I stopped looking for reds after that car.. until I saw this colour. It's metallic, it's bright and pretty... did I say pretty?

The funny thing was, I saw the Alfa again for the second time. Just randomly on the road. Once again she was going the opposite direction. I called the car a she even though she really was a beast. So much fun in that car and I cannot say that I miss that car, I definitely don't miss the repair and fuel bills.

Oh look we revisit the lemon shoots

Oh hi lemon tree shoots!
The lemon tree is now the same height as me if not taller. I cannot believe how much it has grown!

A very annoyed D had to stand still for me
That's D having to stand still for me. He asked me what I was doing. I said nothing.. hahhah

Claw around something.. I think is called Snap Dragons?
I don't know what these are called.. but anyway they are blooming and pretty. AHAHAH Claw looks horrid in this picture.


  1. Very pretty, I also like how you utilise your child as a prop!

  2. Nice claws - this is the shade you wore on Sunday. Love a good red!!

  3. Love that colour...and THE CLAW! LOL! But I'm biased, I've always been a huge fan of red. ;)

  4. The CLAW! Lovely colour.

    I never had a nice car :( but my good friend back in uni had an FTO that we had joint custody of (meaning it was hers, but she let me drive it whenever I wanted - which was always!) and even though it wasn't the fastest car it was always fun to drive. It was a bright shade of red too. Red cars really must be fastest?

  5. That red is perfection on you. Super claw too.

  6. You are making me do my nails, woman. :)

  7. D has a great mane!
    when i was born my mum had a bright yellow alfa spider- 2 seated little number and used to jam the bassinet behind the passenger/driver seat thing. haha


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