Monday, August 20, 2012

Stalk my weekend: Claw, Popcorn, Wanton making

Ok who could resist this picture? Started my weekend off by putting a Claw on D. He kept asking me what I was doing. I said I was taking a picture and he looked annoyed.

It was one of those weekends of lots to do but nothing to do. I planned a meal of wantons this weekend - exactly when I would make it I had no idea. As usual it's all oh i don't feel like cooking now, let's go out. LOL.

Saturday breakfast Bacooonnnn
But first this was my breakfast.. picked up bacon from the Bolton street butcher. I think I will stick to this store from now on. Mushrooms and spinach from the fruit and veg store a few doors down. This is a very old school store, one where the staff take your shopping to your car for you. You also get greeted by name if you are a regular from what I saw, I am not a regular yet. I bought the best avocados from that store, given how much they cost these days, I have laid off buying anymore.

The Wang
D and I set off together and I brought this bag instead. I bought the Alexander Wang Emile bag in eggshell and my gosh.. look at the size of it! D asked why was my bag so big and started laughing and going through it asking what's all this. I said STOP IT! I wanted to say it is big because it is a wang, but didn't think he would get it. So off to Box Hill for noodles in soup and shopping for wanton ingredients. It was quite the scene at the asian grocery store. Someone felt bad for me for yelling nonstop at D who wanted to touch everything and let me go first in the queue to pay.

Scoffing popcorn
Pickles fell asleep on me while sitting up on the couch and to keep D quiet I made popcorn which I had never done before. There was utter silence for 10 minutes while we scoffed all the popcorn between us. Mick had come back hopeful that there was some left. Nope.

Soup making in progress
Has anyone noticed that I do not usually take a picture that shows my stovetop? Yeah this one I did because... the cleaner came on Friday. HAHAHAHAHHA! Those 3 saucepans were just for soup stock making. Do not ask me what I was doing!

Wantons ready to go
Wantons all wrapped and ready to go. What do you put in yours?

I usually do

Pork mince
Dried shiitake mushrooms
Spring onions
Marination - soya sauce, chinese wine, pepper, cornflour, sugar
Ideally would include water chestnuts that are fresh but I cannot find them in Australia. Unless I am blind and they are next to the pandan leaves that I can never find in asian grocery store!

This time in my soup stock I used Pork Bones, Ikan Bilis (dried anchovies) and I had some frozen prawn heads and shells that I threw in. Probably should have skipped the prawns but I thought they were on the edge to be tossed out.


  1. "It's big cos it's a wang" hahahahahhahahahhahaha.
    I love your wanton photos. Porn. mmmm.

  2. The wantons look delicious and is making crave home cooked chinese food so badly. Can you share the exact quantity of the ingredients for the wonton and soup broth. I want to give it a go. Thank you!

  3. Hahaha! D looks so unimpressed with the CLAW!

    A cooked breakfast is the bees knees.

    I WANT WANTONS! Mmm... I have a massive craving for char siew noodles. We have moved from the North side and are currently staying full-time with mum until we move into the new house next week. I think I shall make a request for char siew noodles with wonton! YUM.


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