Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's back.. Freezer Meal Aldi Beef with Red Wine Sauce and Mash

Ok everyone.. I realise that I have been MIA. But the entire July had been a write off for us. First the boys were sick, then I was. There was an entire week I went to sleep at 8.30pm!
I had been so sick and after all the awful deadlines at work, I just could not face the computer to blog. SOZ!

But guess what, I have a freezer meal review for ya! I was quite excited about this one. Beef, mash, red wine. What's not to love? And check out what Aldi says it should look like.

What Aldi says it looks like
Anyway into the nuker for about 6minutes! Mind you I was starving - as usual. When am I not starving?
You do the jump around infront of the nuker and start packing dishes into the dishwasher and you hear the BEEP. Such a glorious sound!

Peel open the film and was greeted with this.

This is what it looks like
 Not quite the same huh?

Nevermind .. hunger got the better or me. Not to mention laziness and feeling too sick to drive and get food. Grab a fork and I start chowing down.

The mash was just so weird. It was little rounds of .. I will not say potato as it did not taste like potato. I had a freezer meal (not Aldi) and the mash was really decent. Compared to this, it was like gooey, tasteless and so yuck. I could not eat the mash. The actual beef and red wine sauce was ok. Still nothing to write home about.

Price: Tick - I think they are flat price of $3.99
Appearance: Half tick, I mean it's not entirely that bad.
Taste: NO TICK for the mash. Seriously what is going on there?
Will buy again Factor: Hells no. 

P.S: This is not a paid post. I had shelled out $4 for my own meal.


  1. You're backkkkk!

    I already asked this on my own reply to your comment on my blog, but did you like the Stolberg?!?! I had lunch there on Saturday. Best value steak everrrrr, and one of the most delicious too!

    Beats your beef and red wine sauce freezer meal, I bet! :P

  2. The Lean Cuisine version is yum! But looks just as dodgy

  3. Right... I won't be rushing to Aldi for this one then. My usual frozen meal of choice is Lean Cuisine but I haven't tried one of them in while. When I get too tired I rely on the old cheese toasties, lol!

  4. Wow.......quite the difference in pictures haha. You must have been really sick to eat that! I admire your fortitude x

  5. Aww thanks for the post :) I've always been curious about ALDI frozen meals!! Def. stay away from this one then.


  6. $4 bucks! That's cheaper than a cup of coffee in Perth :P


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