Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Positive Feedback is Important too

Too much negativity here lately! How about a positive one?

I have lived where we are currently living for about 4 years now .. coming to 5! We always had an excellent Australia Post parcel guy. He would always make the effort to get out of his delivery van, walk up the driveway. Climb over our overgrown bush land garden and risk OH&S issues (aka tripping over) with our abandoned cuttings/weeds and knock on the door. Greet us good morning if I was blurry eyed and half asleep enthusiastically as our delivery run used to be at 7 - 7.30 am at the start when we first moved in. I was ashamed to say that until now (4 or 5 years) I have not got his name. I hurriedly wanted to write a Christmas card when I saw him walking down the driveway around Christmas time but did not do it in time. Again... I was ashamed!

You know I love online shopping so the number of parcels increased. Sometimes he jokes with Mick .. what has she gone and bought now? Maybe it's a present for you mate. LOL

After reading some shockers on forums about their parcel postie doing the card drop and run, I decided to give them the feedback. You can actually contact them via email if you have a complaint or compliment. I did just that, detailed how he was an excellent subcontractor and hoped that they never changed the parcel delivery run.

I had a response back that they have given the feedback to the Delivery Centre and manager. The next time that Mick was home and the postie (still don't know his name!) came around, he walked to the back as he heard Mick working on the deck. He said that he received the email compliment and feedback through his manager and looked really happy. I am actually really excited that he knew which address sent the compliment. Made my day as well!


  1. I work in retail and positive feedback is the biggest motivator ever. I (mostly) enjoy my job and always try to provide good service but it makes me so happy when someone compliments me on it! I always try to leave positive feedback when I see good service because it's just too rare these days.

    1. I am sure that you will not think that way when it's Boxing day sales! :)

  2. Awww love it!!! I am the same I love good service and will always relay the feedback back to the mgr. I gave a guy at Optus store (yeah, Optus) cos he went above and beyond for me, getting me the most awesome internet plan ever!! It was a limited time promotion and obviously he was the only guy that paid attention to the product training!!! He spent the arvo convincing everyone such plan existed and then called me back when it was all set. What a dear!
    Oh I should prob make a compliment for my local post office man Ken, I love him!!

  3. I love a good postie too - its lovely that you managed to make the day of yours after so many years of faithful service!

  4. Aww you made his day :-)

    I've had a postie ring when he's had an express post parcel for me before, I live in an apartment so they ALWAYS go to the post office. He rang and said he'd be in the area for the next half an hour if I wanted to come and get it off him rather than from the post office just before 5. I literally met him in the street lol

  5. Ling! I replied to your comment on my blog about the Stohlberg. Where do you live?!

    And that's so lovely about the positive feedback! I think too many people are quick to complain when there's an issue, but rarely take the time to acknowledge good work.

    There should be more of this! Great job :)

  6. New follower here (found you on Vogue - I'm Red_Velvet).

    At one stage, I had at least 2 deliveries a day of things from AP and dad was getting really annoyed! LOL. That's what happens when you work from home and have home shopping at your fingertips.

    1. Oh hello Red_Velvet fellow MC thread poster.
      It's just too damn convenient!!!


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