Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random Score: Last pair in my size! Peeptoe shoes for $54!

Ok I had been browsing the Iconic.. it's the ridiculous radio ads. So there you go, radio ads work!

And also because on Carbon Chic she had a list of coupon codes. I knew there was a vogue shopping night floating around but did not bother to look until I saw what she bought. Check out her blog if you have a champagne taste but beer (or maybe less) budget!

Peeptoe Miss Provocateur in Nude

So I bought these ones! Already reduced from $200+ to $79 and I had a $25 coupon code. It was $54!! Last pair in my size. I hurried through checkout and did not bother to look anymore. Just in case they put my shopping cart back onto the shopping floor!!

Check out that heel!
Check out that heel! So cute right? I tried them on and I nearly skid across the floorboards! Almost did a split across the floor! I think I need to topy these but anyway. For $78 maybe ok.. or has online shopping spoilt me? $54 definitely a great buy.. however not at full price. I have not worn them yet. Can't wait!

Ordered on Saturday and delivered on Tuesday. That's service for you! Thanks Carbon Chic!


  1. L

    You've got me onto The Iconic too....

    SSG xxxx

  2. They are very cute! The ads on the radio have been driving me insane, so I have deliberately been avoiding the iconic...but your shoes are convincing me to have a look x

  3. And also, i can relate to skidding across the floor - did that in the supermarket yesterday, I very nearly face planted into someones trolley thanks to the slippery boots I was wearing..

  4. Gorgeous! Great shopping selection, I would have sped through checkout in a panic to get that bargain too!

  5. Man, you've gotta love a good bargain like that!

  6. I haven't tried Iconic yet, your shoes were a great buy. I skidded walking across the road once and scared my wrist as a result. I was wearing flats too!

  7. Eeek, I totally forgot to comment here! Sweet shoes, am definitely jealous! I'll probably be returning a few of my purchases because my high arches are causing problems for me grr. But I'm still determined to keep my wonderful, wonderful lacy peeptoes even though walking in them is like taking steps closer towards death. I'll stretch them out eventually. Right?

  8. They are lovely! That shade will go with so many outfits! Good buy. :)


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